T-Will's for Real: Travis Williams's Musical Response to Allegations Against AU

Nathan DealCorrespondent IApril 7, 2011

Travis Williams looks on at a practice during the 2010 season. Williams was a defensive GA for defensive coordinator Ted Roof.
Travis Williams looks on at a practice during the 2010 season. Williams was a defensive GA for defensive coordinator Ted Roof.

Travis Williams, the former standout linebacker for the Auburn Tigers, seems to be doing pretty well for himself. Not exactly through anything on-the-field, though.

Travis Williams, now recognized largely by his stage-name "T-Will", has produced several hit rap songs among Auburn fans, including "Tiger Walk" and "Amazing Champion."

The time between the release of "Tiger Walk", released before the season, and "Amazing Champion", released after top-ranked Auburn had captured a BCS National Championship Game berth against second-ranked Oregon, was glorious and tumultuous for the Auburn Family.

While the on-field production was glorious, with the team going 13-0 in the span, winning the SEC and beating Alabama in Bryant-Denny Stadium after falling behind 24-0, the off-field news stole the show.

Auburn QB Cam Newton's father, Cecil, was connected to a pay-for-play scheme with Mississippi State.

While this late-night ESPN bombshell was credible, the big stories after that were nothing more than character assassination attempts.

Cam Newton was blamed by FOX for cheating at Florida in his short time there, by the New York Times for being academically ineligible and by ESPN for telling Mississippi State "recruiting coaches" that the "money was too much."

All of the latter did not have evidence behind them, but in this guilty-before-innocent and we-don't-need-proof nation we live in, people ran with the story and made assumptions.

Auburn then won the national title over Oregon to finish 14-0, a month after the controversial signal-caller took home the Heisman in a landslide.

When I say landslide, I don't mean he had a good amount of votes to win by having about 10 percent more of the votes than the next best contestant, which was Stanford's Andrew Luck.

No, by landslide, I mean the film 2012's depiction of California sliding into the sea.

Anyhow, the bad news did not stop there. First, Alabama superfan Harvey Updyke poisoned the historic oak trees at Toomer's Corner (or perhaps allegedly since a Finebaum caller claimed he did it and Updyke is innocent... nah...), sending the Auburn Family into a state of shock.

An HBO special then aired over a month later where four former Auburn players, including Stanley McClover and Chaz Ramsey, said they were paid by Auburn.

Of course, once again, despite the fact there is more evidence against them than for them (which is, as of now, none), the public pinned this on Auburn again.

T-Will, who was a grad assistant during the 2010 season, decided enough was enough and decided to put his message to Auburn fans in a more popular manner, and a manner in which he is successful: a song.

His newest song is called "Tomorrow", and so far the song is already a big hit with Auburn fans. If you haven't seen it or you have but want to watch it again, here is the link:


T-Will's first Auburn song, "Tiger Walk", was a decent hit on Youtube before the season, but then the song became regularly-played at Jordan-Hare Stadium on gamedays. As you would expect, the views skyrocketed.

Not all of T-Will's music is Auburn related, as he has several popular hits including a song he takes a lot of pride in called "Goosebumps", but his Auburn-related songs are easily the most popular amongst fans.

Anyhow, in the song, T-Will calls out Alabama, the media that tore apart Cam Newton's image, the four former Auburn players who alleged they were paid and even Harvey Updyke...you know, the tree-poisoning wacko.

Excuse me, the "allegedly" tree-poisoning wacko.

Considering the fact that Auburn fans already love his music and the fact that this song deals with so many things off-the-field, it's safe that "Tomorrow" is already a hit today.