Utes vs Cougars: The “Holey” Argument of Big Brother/Little Brother

Dan CondieContributor IIIJune 13, 2011

Bronco Mendenhall
Bronco MendenhallGeorge Frey/Getty Images

Have you ever had five to 10 minutes to kill and want to laugh? Go to your local newspaper's/bleacherreport.com's online college sports section and pick an article at random, scroll to the very bottom and start reading the reader comments. 

You'll find a jungle of pride, ignorance, more pride, a few thousand statistics, stand up comedian hopefuls, etc.

Here, in Salt Lake City, I have the pleasure of stumbling across "comment battles" in which I have a vested interest; the Utah/BYU football rivalry.

It's dangerous business reading a comment or two. 

You start to get into it.

But if you put in the effort to actually "throw down" and give an opinion on one side or the other, you want to make sure your point is sound and air-tight.

The second you hit that "send" key, it's up for assault.

You begin to see a phenomenon called "keyboard courage." People saying whatever they want, paying no mind to the consequences of their words, hiding in anonymity.

It was during such a 10-minute-killing visit that I came across a comment battle under an article regarding Utah's and BYU's recruiting of a local QB.

You know when you're looking at anywhere over 50 comments, it's an argument. I don't care who you are, No one is going to write "I agree with everything the previous 49 people said." That just doesn't happen.

So I take a look and, sure enough, some group of Ute and Cougar fans are going toe to toe about why this QB would choose either school over the other. This kid is not the second coming of Tim Tebow, but fans will be fans and a stage is a stage. 

After reading thousands and thousands of back and forth trash talk over the years, one point is argued loud and clear by both sides: They are the big brother in the rivalry and both cite their own reasons.

I think that often "big" and "little" are confused with "older" and "younger" when used with brother in a rivalry sense.

Utah, when claiming to be the big brother, is accused of fraud for the lack of the same accomplishment BYU achieved during their dominance—a Cougar; National Championship, Heisman winner, etc.

BYU, when claiming to be big brother to "the team on the hill," is dismissed as a novelty, having only the amazing streak nearly two decades forgotten while Utah sees national success and recognition more recently.

I want to hear it well thought out and tell me who you think is the big/little brother in the Utah/BYU rivalry specifically regarding football. 

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