Around The Nation: The Top 25, Team-By-Team Analysis and Random Musings.

Patrick ParsonsAnalyst IOctober 2, 2008

No. 1 Oklahoma—Oklahoma has been challenged for a total of perhaps 35 seconds this season, in the first half against Cincinnati. Sam Bradford is just like all of the other Big 12 quarterbacks, except younger, which, in case you don't realize spells dominance for Oklahoma as long as he is in school. It's a shame for the rest of the nation that the Sooners three hardest games are all at home, still the class of the south.

No. 2 Alabama—Would have been No. 1, but I'm a sucker for offense and I still don't believe Alabama is the class of the SEC.  The Crimson Tide will not get past LSU and Auburn at the end of the season. John Parker Wilson has impressed me, but I don't think he is a top tier QB and in a situation where Alabama needs to come back they will have trouble scoring quickly. 18 straight four-yard passes take a bit of time.

No. 3 Missouri—True, they lack the defense, but so does every team in the Big 12, it would seem. Not having to face Oklahoma or Texas Tech this season will save them. They do face Texas in Austin, but I heard Chase Daniel is still mad about being denied entry to his favorite roller coaster at AstroWorld due to not meeting the height requirement. He will get his revenge against the Longhorns.

No. 4 LSU—Didn't dominate against Mississippi St. and their quarterback play is still shaky, but they do have Brandon Lafell. He sat across from me in Health class in High School, which basically makes us best friends. Seriously, who would lose to Florida, thus making their best friend look like a bad college football analyst? Nobody, which is why LSU stays here for now.

No. 5 Texas Tech—Tech sits ahead of Texas. For the first time ever, I can say that Texas Tech has the better defense suited for the Big 12. The Red Raiders have been absolute turnover-forcing machines. Tech's TD/INT ratio on defense is an astounding 3/10, compared to Texas' 3/2.

They are giving up the close to the same amount of yards per game.  In a conference where passing rules and momentum is everything, Tech's ability to force turnovers could be the ultimate game changer. Graham Harrell hasn't been amazing, but he has put up solid numbers. Mike Leach needs to improve his play-calling as the season progresses though.

No. 6 Penn St.—Two tough games coming up this month, at Wisconsin and at Ohio State. Don't forget about Michigan in between those two. Hopefully Joe Paterno doesn't try to look past those young whippersnappers.

No. 7 Auburn—The Tigers scored three points against Mississippi St and yet I have them at No. 7? They hung with LSU and did what they needed to do against Tennessee.

Their defense is perhaps the best in the SEC and their two hardest games are at the very end of the season, which is hopefully enough time for them to learn how to score more than three points. They will show up strong against Vanderbilt this week and prove they are perhaps the best one-loss team in the nation.

No. 8 Texas—Colt McCoy was good against the terrible teams the Longhorns played out of conference, but he is still the third best QB in the Big 12 South! Until Texas can learn to stop the pass, every week will be a nail biter against a good offense. They WILL lose against Oklahoma, which means that they will need a miracle to reach the Big 12 championship this year.

No. 9 USC—They lost, yes. But, they have an easy road to an 11-1 season. They at least have a decent win over a banged-up Ohio St. team. Watch out for November 1. Washington comes to town. They may not lose to Ty Willingham, but you better believe if they win by too much, they will be called racist for doing so, tsk tsk.

No. 10 Ohio St.—A healthy Beanie Wells makes them a Top-10 team. Terrelle Pryor is still just a freshman though, and I am excited to see how he handles the big games that Todd Boeckman could never win.

No. 11 Georgia—They were embarrassed by Alabama and their remaining schedule is brutal. However, if Knowshon Moreno can get healthy and they can get a lead, enabling him to run, they are VERY dangerous. Don't underestimate Matthew Stafford though, I would still take him over John Parker Wilson if I needed quick scoring.

No. 12 South Florida—Has a good win over Kansas, but struggled against two less-than-stellar opponents in UCF and FIU. The balanced offense is strong and the schedule shouldn't be hard to navigate through, but for the good of college football I hope they don't bust the BCS.

No. 13 Florida—Tim Tebow's running has been absolutely shut down this season. One overlooked stat is that he hasn't thrown an interception in his first 102 attempts. He needs to return to his playmaker form if Florida wants to rebound after a loss to Mississippi.

Percy Harvin is showing more flashes of dominance. It feels weird ranking SOUTH Florida ahead of Florida though...As if something is wrong with college football.

No. 14 BYU—The most overrated team in college football. Max Hall sounds like a seventh grade quarterback, not a Heisman hopeful. Remember, they are one lucky whistle away from being tied and perhaps falling to Washington in a game they were nearly being outplayed in.

Watch for Utah St. to challenge them Friday. Remember, this season is just a tune-up for the bigger game...Mormon Mission, woo!

No. 15 Boise St.—Should be undefeated before they meet Fresno St. in the season finale. I'm still angry at them though. I was there last season scoping out the field and I happened to drop my favorite Sonic the Hedgehog clip-on pin. I was never able to find it.

You think maybe if Boise St. gets into the BCS this season, Ian Johnson will propose to the whole BCS committee? I can just imagine the honeymoon in hell. Is Boise the 51st state?

No. 16 Kansas—The Jayhawks were also-ran in last year's Big 12 North. This year, well, it's the same-thing. They Lost their only tough game against USF and face an impossible conference schedule. I doubt Kansas will be ranked in the top 20 at the end of the season. Maybe it's time for Mark Mangino to swallow his pride, well after he finishes those Doritos that is.

No. 17 Wisconsin—An absolute Jenna Jameson against Michigan damaged their BCS hopes, but two tough upcoming games will decide their season early. If only this were the early 1900's before passing had really been invented, Wisconsin would be unbeatable.

No. 18 Vanderbilt—They give up a lot of passing yards, but they are turnover-forcing machines in the secondary. They are a running team, averaging only 80 passing yards a game, but they are efficient when they do pass. They don't have the defense to keep up the conference wins, but don't discount them.

No. 19 Virginia Tech—Their quarterbacks have a 1-to-5 TD-INT ratio and they are No. 19? With Tyrod Taylor at the helm, I don't see a game on the schedule that Virginia tech will lose this season. There one loss wasn't looking too bad, until ECU was exposed, now it looks like Sean Glennon really did just suck.

No. 20 Oklahoma St.—It won't hold up, but as of right now their offense has been unmatched. They could challenge in every game they play due to their unbelievable ability to run and run and run and play action pass and run.

No. 21 Ball St.—Is Ball the 52nd state? Awww, they don't play on cool colored turf? Then why are they in my top 25? Because I didn't want all the comments on this article to be about leaving them out.

No. 22 Connecticut—UConn plays UNC this week, I can't wait! Tyler Hansborough is such a cutie!... Oh, it's football? Donald Brown FTW!

No. 23 Mississippi—No, not just because of their win over Florida. Also because Jevan Snead has three more showcase games to prove that he is a GOOD quarterback. I can't wait for the Snead/McCoy comparisons.

No. 24 Wake Forest—Yes, they have a better record AND they beat Mississippi, but they lost a must-win against Navy.

No. 25 TCU—Yes, they lost to Oklahoma, but they are still better than Utah. TCU will be the best team in their conference by the end of the season. Have you ever seen a horned frog? Me neither, they are too busy getting licked by princesses.

Upset Alert—BYU @ Utah St.


  1. Texas/Texas Tech. One of these teams will have three losses this season. The South is too loaded and whoever cannot stop the long ball will face downfall.
  2. BYU/Utah. One of these teams will be forgotten by the end of the season.
  3. Oregon St/Michigan. Mississippi was the best unranked team to upset somebody last week.
  4. Terrelle Pryor. He will be good and lead OSU to big wins, just not this year.
  5. Texas Tech's Rushing Attack/Big 12 Passing Efficiency Outside Bradford/Daniel/Harrell.

I will also call it RIGHT NOW. The Heisman will go to a Big 12 player on whichever team wins the Big 12.

I love college football. I won enough last week on Mississippi/Florida to not have to go and get a job for another year, don't you love it?

Vanderbilt passes for 80 yards a game...The same as...NAVY! I kind of want to go play QB at Vandy now.

Sam McGuffie denied my Facebook friend request again. I still hate Michigan.

I talked to Texas Tech running back Baron Batch on a Facebook chat and got invited to Bible Study.



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