Oklahoma Football: Sooners Spring Ball, BCS, FSU and Other Random Thoughts

J.D. PatrickCorrespondent IMarch 24, 2011

Spring ball has begun and the hype continues.  Coach Stoops appears very pleased with the way the winter went with his team, and seems to be pretty optimistic about their potential this season.  There really isn’t any reason to doubt him either as he’s never been shy to tell it like it is.  Sooner fans remember him calling out his team prior to the ’09 season and everyone knows how much of a disaster that year was.  The bright side was at least their season ticket holders didn't have to watch their team be destroyed at home five times, including back-to-back smackdowns against Big 12 stalwarts Iowa State and Baylor.


Florida State Seminoles

Florida State players have been in the news lately talking about their excitement level for the upcoming game on September 17th with the Sooners.  Greg Reid has even mentioned that he often thinks of the Crimson and Cream when working out.  Probably has nightmares of a big No. 82 running him over too. 

If little Stoops hasn’t taught him how to tackle, there’s no reason to think that this year’s matchup will be any different than last year.  It would probably be best if the FSU players just hush.  The best way to have the Sooners come to Tallahassee is with as little motivation as possible.  Running their mouths won’t help their cause.


Roster Changes

Mark down yet another victim to attrition.  Safety Kevin Brent has decided to take his talents to another program.  No one knows if he was the one with the “recording device,” and probably nobody cares anymore either.  Sooner fans do wish him well in his future endeavors and would love to see him make an NFL roster some day.  Fact is these Sooners are still sitting two scholarships over the limit.  If Jammell Fleming makes it back for the fall semester, look for three more Sooners to step aside before August. 

In the meantime it sounds as if the "Colvin to safety" experiment is a raving success after just one practice.  Point being that all the hype that is being laid on players like Colvin, Brandon Williams, Roy Finch, etc. needs to simmer down a little.  While all of them have the potential to be superstars, none of them have done much yet.


2011 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl

There was a recent article on Yahoo! Sports last week about how the Big 12 was the only reason that Oklahoma didn’t lose money on its Fiesta Bowl appearance last January.  While that may be true, Sooner fans should most definitely not feel guilty about that one. 

Sooner fans are undoubtedly one of the most well traveled fanbases in college football, the UConn matchup just didn't have much appeal.  Not only that, after making count 'em eight BCS appearances, the Sooners have more than earned their share for the conference.  Sooner fans should actually smile a little.  After all, they got to play in yet another BCS bowl game, and Texas had to cut the check!


Running Back Competition

A lot has been made of the competition at the running back position over the last week.  Much to the delight of Sooner fans, Roy Finch has been cleared for spring ball, although it’s not clear if he’ll see any action in their spring game. 

Much has also been made of incoming freshman sensation Brandon Williams.  Sooner fans would like everyone to know that they are much deeper than that.  Brennan Clay, Jonathan Miller and Jermie Calhoun could probably all start for many Division I programs out there. 

It is definitely one of the most interesting competitions to keep an eye on during the spring and in the spring game.  As a matter of fact, the competition has already taken its toll as walk-on Brandon Wegher from Iowa has decided to keep on walking and is no longer with the program.  Sooner fans should keep in mind that none of these backs have a lot of experience at this level, which could be a potential road block to an eighth championship.


The spring game is slated for the afternoon of April 16th, and with any luck Sooner fans won't have to endure another downpour like they did last April. 

One wonders if the Sooners program had to make this year's schedule posters without dates of games, since the Big 12 has its act together and everyone knows when they're playing each other...not!


Boomer Sooner Baby!!