Steve Slaton Injury Dispute

Ryan TCorrespondent IJanuary 13, 2008

Before anyone says anything, I want everyone to understand that I totally support Steve Slaton's decision. I think he is a great running back and has helped the Mountaineers turn there program around not only skill wise but also with added media attention.

He will be greatly missed and I wish him nothing but the best.

But here are my thoughts...

When I first saw his injury I thought to myself, 'What is wrong with him?' This was only the second time he touched the ball if I recall correctly, and also really early in the game. He reached to his leg with little facial (pain) expressions, laid there for a minute, then walked off the field on his own power. Then he was seen on the sideline standing and walking all night.

In my opinion a true leader will fight through anything (unless something else is on his mind...NFL?) Take Pat for example. This guy injures his non-throwing hand, goes into the locker room, comes out with his pads off...until he saw that his team needed him. Then Pat was quick to his pads and team in the closing minutes of the game. No we didn't win but he never gave up.

Not saying that we needed Slaton like Pat that night or that he gave up but I think if he had no interest in going into the draft that he might have came out with a different attitude in the Fiesta Bowl.

I know that there have been a lot of people faking injuries in their last game in college, so this wouldn't be the first. And I am not saying that I 100 percent think he did this, but after hearing his dad's press conference and him talk about Steve's lack of ball touches this year and what seemed like anger to me I wouldn't count this out. But then again this is just my opinion so please don't hate me.

Here is the article see if you feel what I'm feeling.

PLUS, read the bottom lines Steve's dad states, "But the decision has been made. Steve was packing up yesterday in Morgantown. He is heading home today on the way to his future."

Again, not finish his degree? Steve always seemed like a great guy to me and a loving Mountianeer. I thought he would have still finished with our University. Unless, he has a dad like all of us know. That dad that makes every decision for you or makes you see his so called points on them.