Heisman Watch 9-29-08 Contender/Pretender See Who I Have Posing!

Curtis SmithContributor ISeptember 29, 2008

Who will it be striking the pose this year?  I'll tell you my favorite three contenders and my three pretenders.  Let check out my pretenders and we will start with;

3.  Knowshon Moreno - The Georgia Bulldogs running back which in my opinion is highly overrated. I know Moreno is averaging 6.8 yard per carry, but he only has 489 rushing yards with another 110 in receiving with a combined 10 touchdown's.  Which in fact totals to under 1,200 with 24 touchdowns. It's a good season but not Heisman worthy.

2.  P.J. Hill - Badgers running back just couldn't get it done last week at The Big House, with totals on the season at just under 450 yards and only four touchdowns, he would have to average 200 or more yards for the rest of the season to become an actual threat to strike the pose.  Being on pace for around 1,350 yards with only 12 touchdown, sorry but maybe next year in your senior season.

1. Mark Sanchez - My final pretender is the biggest of them all the USC quarterback with lots of upside is just not putting up the numbers.  I mean with under 800 yards and a completion percentage under 67% is just not going to get my vote.  I mean he does have himself 10 touchdowns which with projecting number to 40 on the season with over 2,400 yards again is maybe third or fourth best among quarterbacks not just Heisman hope-fulls.  One more thing he is on pace to throw 12 Int's

Let's move to my contenders, atleast the ones leading to this date.

3.  Max Hall - BYU's quarterback who has put up almost 1,300 yards while completing almost 75% of his passes.  Tossing 15 touchdowns, to only two picks.  Which by my math would put him at a possible 4,000 yards, 45 touchdowns and only around 6 picks making plays and doing it with effeictly is the way to the pose.  On a side note BYU has a chance to win their conference and go to a fourth straight bowl game.

2.  Chase Daniel - The Tiger's of Mizzou quarterback is most people's number one, he has the numbers that are great.  Throwing for 1,400 yards and completing just under 76% of his passes.  Not as many touchdowns as Hall (15) does but has 12 which as of now is fine.  When its all said and done if he were to throw 40 or more (which he will be close) and for more then 4,300 yards and no more then four picks.  By doing all that and leading his team to a BCS Championship, I would hand him the Heisman Trophy myself. 

And my number one pick to be striking the Heisman is. . .

1.  Colt McCoy - The literal Texas gun sling-er, who I know hasn't had the most difficult time yet but things do get harder for my top Heisman choice.  Just look at his numbers today, just barely over 1,000 yards passing but completing a stellar 80% of his passes, 14 touchdowns in the air and running for four himself.  If he were to finish the way he has started and get around 3,000 to 3,500 yards passing, over 1,000 yards rushing.  Colt could finish with around 40 passing touches and 15 rushing giving him 55 total and running away with the Heisman.  By the way his passing rating 209.71 and how are you not going to vote for Colt!

Bonus Note!

Ok so I've been hearing this over and over and I have seen the t-shirts and I just have to disagree.  Saying that I give you my special "Pretender Pick" and his name is Javon Ringer. Yes he is MSU's best player, and yes he is solid, but no he will not win.  I know this will anger lots and lots of MSU fans but it's the truth and I'll tell you a few reason why.

1.  J.J. Arrington was Cal's back in '04 who finished with over 2,000 second most in Pac-10 history while compiling only 289 attempts, (Ringer already has 187) Arrington had 15 touches all why averaging 7 yards a carry.  In retro spec to what Ringer has now and what he will finish with will be around 2,000 yards, most likely 25 touches and over 400 rushing attempts which equals about 4.5 yards a carry. J.J. Arrington finished 7th in voting.

2. Michigan State will hurt him in the fact that unless Brian Hoyer can start throwing down field teams are going to stack the box looking for Ringer to run and will keep him at bay.

3 Finally the last point I will make, Ringer will have to beat OSU, Penn State and Michiagn with atleast 2 touches a game and over 150 yards.  I just don't foresee them winning all three of those game even two of them and to be honest even one of them.

So there you have it as of the last week of September check back in October when I will update everybody on the status of my picks and see who has enter my pretender/contender list and keep a look out for my bonus notes in my future articles!