NFL Draft 2011: All Eyes on Mark Ingram to Impress at Alabama's Pro Day

Mark GainesCorrespondent IMarch 8, 2011

Mark Ingram, Julio Jones at the NFL Combine 2011
Mark Ingram, Julio Jones at the NFL Combine 2011Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Alabama Crimson Tide will hold its Pro Day tomorrow, and all eyes will be on Mark Ingram.

While Julio Jones and Marcell Dareus, among others, will be there showing their skills and talents, scouts will focus in on Ingram when he reruns the 40-yard dash.

Ingram posted the best time of all running backs in the 10-yard split drill with a time of 1.55 seconds at the NFL Combine two weeks ago. If you are not sure what the split drill is used to measure, scouts look at it as an indicator of how fast a player can reach his finest speed with minimal pace. This is a HUGE part of what scouts examine when determining a skill level of a running back.

"Mark's just going to run the 40. He may do some football stuff—running routes, catching the ball, maybe some specialized running back drills if teams have special requests," his agent, Rocky Arceneaux, told

"But as far as any of the testing, relative to the combine, the only one is the 40-yard dash. He was actually happy with everything, including his 40, but he knows he can run a faster time. He got out the way he wanted to, he just didn't finish, and he wants to improve on his time," Arceneaux added.

If Ingram gets a better time on his 40-yard dash, you can expect him to move a spot or two further up in the NFL Draft, but he is already predicted as the top running back selection in this year's draft.

Most pundits and mock drafts have Ingram going to the Miami Dolphins with the 15th pick.