College Football 2011: The Top 20 Game-Day Parties Across the Country

Gary SuggContributor IIMarch 3, 2011

College Football 2011: The Top 20 Game-Day Parties Across the Country

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    Every fall, college communities all over the country gather weekly to celebrate the epitome of all college traditions.

    College football has grown into a cultural phenomenon in the United States and has had a huge impact on the sports nation since its birth in 1892.

    Over the years, traditions have evolved around the game of football more than that of any other sport.

    The most intriguing of those traditions—tailgating.

    Including, but not limited to the art of tailgating; here is a look at the Top 20 game-day parties of the college football world.

No. 20: Michigan

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    Sneaking into the top 20, the Michigan Wolverines surround their festivities around one of the winningest programs in the country.

    No better way to spend a cold Saturday morning in Ann Arbor, than to be huddled around a smoking grill in the Purple Lot.

    Tailgating numbers are expected to increase with the newly-renovated Michigan Stadium, which now seats more than 110,000 fans.

No. 19: Notre Dame

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    "Tailgate Like a Champion."

    Notre Dame carries on the traditions of one of the most historic programs in the country—not only during the pre-game festivities, but after on as well.

    While the program might be down compared to past years, the fans have consistently held their own with the football traditions.

No. 18: Iowa

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    Iowa tailgating is a way of life for any Hawkeye enthusiast.

    Every fall Saturday morning, Iowa City comes together and pays tribute to the Hawkeye athletes at Melrose Court.

    Iowa is simply one of the "college scenes" in college football; it's truly an experience every college-goer should have.

No. 17: Penn State

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    Drinking after the kickoff is illegal in Happy Valley, but no complaints from the Penn State faithful.

    Plenty is consumed before-hand.

No. 16: Oklahoma

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    Cowboy boots and huge hats surround Oklahoma Memorial Stadium every Saturday in the fall.

    Lindsey and Jenkins streets are abundant with the college festivities both before and after the games.

    There's a 24-hour party in Norman, Oklahoma every game-day.

No. 15: South Carolina

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    If you plan on driving to the stadium and arriving by game-time, leave three hours early.

    Better yet, leave as the sun rises and the cock crows.

    With every vacant State Fair lot crowded with students and alumni, South Carolina knows how to tailgate.

No. 14: Texas

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    Every color but burnt orange stands out amongst the pre-game crowd surrounding Texas Memorial Stadium on game-day.

    Along with Texas A&M, the Longhorns continue to carry out the tradition of college football in the Longhorn state.

No. 13: Auburn

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    Back on top of the BCS, the Tigers have begun to live up to the tailgating of their SEC rivals.

    Every SEC school has respectable football-related parties—Auburn is no exception.

No. 12: Ohio State

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    The school with arguably the most football game-day traditions, the game-day parties are an added-bonus to the wealth of festivities.

    Columbus tailgating starts early no matter the weather, steaming up the air with brats and burger smoke.

No. 11: West Virginia

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    West Virginia is home to some of the most ruthless fans on game-day. 

    I wouldn't go near the tailgating crowd while flying the opposing team's colors.

    Otherwise a somewhat quiet campus, game-day weekends the Mountaineers come alive in Morgantown.

No. 10: Washington

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    One of the more unique tailgating celebrations, the Washington Huskies gather by boat, creating a party-barge in the middle of Lake Washington.

    Also pre-gaming on dry land, the Huskies have the all-around football game-day experience.

No. 9: Alabama

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    Another superior tailgate scene of SEC football, Alabama fans make tailgating, Bryant-Denny Stadium and post-game activities wild and loud.

    Expect to get no sleep in Tuscaloosa following an Alabama win.

    Roll Tide.

No. 8: Georgia

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    Athens, yet another town to erupt on game-day.

    The Bulldog faithful come in from all over the region for Georgia home games.  The students and alumni come together to put on a classy, yet crazy weekend.

No. 7: Tennessee

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    One of the most beautiful scenes in college football, the faithful around Neyland Stadium create a buzz all over Knoxville.

    Lacking recently from their past successes, the partying never took a hit.

No. 6: Clemson

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    The Clemson Tigers have quite possibly the most die-hard fans in college football.

    With abundant school spirit, the Tigers take every opportunity to throw a party honoring each and every football achievement throughout the season.

No. 5: Wisconsin

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    Wisconsin parties can be found all over Madison, Wisconsin on game-day both on and off campus.

    Another school that is wrapped around its football program, they do it big—and they do it right—each and every season.

No. 4: LSU

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    Some of the best southern BBQ and Cajun food can be found in Baton Rouge.

    Combine the food with a few beers on a warm Fall Saturday and you're talking about the LSU Tigers' tailgate.

    Truly a college football experience.

No. 3: Florida

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    Gainesville is home to one of the more student-driven tailgates in college football. 

    Along with one of the most recent dominant programs, the Florida Gators make every game-day count with cold beer and hot wings.

No. 2: Texas A & M

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    Much like Oklahoma, a weekend long of festivities surround A&M football.

    College station is filled with babes in cowboy boots from the wee hours of the morning, until the last hours of the night, filling the local bar scene.

No. 1: Ole Miss

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    Again, the rankings are for game-day parties, not for the most respected college football programs.

    With that said, you have to tip your hat to the events surrounding the football pride in Oxford, MS.

    At The Grove located in central campus, the Rebels carry on the college football traditions of the south, making their tailgates "Hotty Toddy."

    "Might not always win the game, but we never lose a party."