Auburn Report: Infamous Miss St. Tapes Do Not Include Cecil and Cameron Newton

Nathan Deal@@NateDawgAUCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2011

Cam Newton calls an audible against LSU during a 2010 college football game.
Cam Newton calls an audible against LSU during a 2010 college football game.Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

For some time now, Huntsville radio personality Scott Moore (who is an Alabama fan) claimed to have heard tapes help by Mississippi State boosters, and that in the tapes Cecil tried to sell his son.

However, this sportsbybrooks report shows that these tapes don't even exist.

Here is the link:

Moore claimed that in the tapes that he "exclusively" heard for himself, Cecil asked for money from Mississippi State's boosters.

Moore made it known that in the tapes, it was obvious that Cam Newton was in the room while Cecil was talking.

Moore would go on to claim that Tennessee and Auburn (two of Alabama's biggest rivals...hmm...) both offered $200,000, but Cecil wanted to give Mississippi State a "discount" because Cam already knew Dan Mullen.

However, Moore has showed no proof of this and if this report has any truth to it, Moore is simply a liar and this could deal a great blow to his radio career.

To go along with this report's themes, earlier today, Adam McCloskey (another radio personality) tweeted:

"The Scott Moore who allegedly has the Cam Newton tapes is a huckster and a liar. Also, former co-host of mine. So trust me on this."

Adam went on to stress Scott's multiple arrests and so on and so forth.

Imagine that!

A media member made something up, it's likely (I could be wrong) to be proven untrue and he could get burned for it.

ESPN, take notes.