Oklahoma Football: Odds Nation's Longest Active Home Win Streak Ends in 2011

J.D. PatrickCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2011

Oklahoma Football: Odds Nation's Longest Active Home Win Streak Ends in 2011

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    Nobody wins in this man's house!Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

    There's no dispute that the Miami Hurricanes of the mid-'80s to about the mid-'90s were one of the most dominant programs of all time.  Backing that up would be their incredible string of 58 straight home games without a loss.  Let that soak in for a second.  Most schools play six games a year at home, so we're talking almost 10 years without a loss.

    That was no easy task either, as the record they broke belonged to Alabama and it was 57 games.  Their string lasted from 1963 to 1982!  Can you imagine being one of their season ticket holders during that time frame?!  Should make Longhorn fans everywhere enormously envious.

    Don't look now, but there's another home win streak that is five years old and up to 36 games.  Oklahoma currently owns the nation's longest active home win streak with that number.  Not too shabby so far, especially considering that the Sooners have only lost two games at home since 1998.

    What better opportunity to lay the odds on if Oklahoma's home win streak continues through 2011 and into 2012?

    Since Oklahoma's schedule hasn't been released officially, these may not necessarily be in order.


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    The Golden Hurricane are no stranger to playing in NormanJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    One of Oklahoma's two non-conference opponents to visit Norman this season will be Tulsa.  This is a program that just never seems to go away.  It seems like every other year another coach leaves for a "better" job, yet Tulsa continues to be competitive.

    Its only three losses in '10 came to East Carolina, Oklahoma State and SMU, all on the road.  It ended the season ranked in the AP poll, and will most likely be ranked coming into '11. 

    G.J. Kinne, who was a transfer from Texas, will be in his senior season, as will their stud playmaker Damaris Johnson.  Both have played in Norman before, so forget about the atmosphere being too much for this squad.

    While Tulsa's offense has potential to give Oklahoma's defense fits, the Sooners should be able to handle this one.


    Odds Tulsa wins in Norman: 27 percent

Ball State

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    Hope this is a Ball State photo...if not, it's BR's fault!Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

    Next up in Norman will be MAC powerhouse Ball State.  The Cardinals won only four games in 2010, finishing 4-8.  There's really no point in breaking this one down, as it's one of those types of games one would see on Texas' schedule. 

    One thing to keep in mind is that they are at least a Division I program.  Sooner fans are proud of the fact that since 1998 they've played only three Division II programs.  One of them was one that couldn't be helped after Clemson backed out of a home and home with the Sooners.


    Odds Ball State pulls off the Appalachian State upset: .00000000001 percent


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    Biggest win in MizzOU history.Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

    The Missouri Tigers paid the Sooners the ultimate compliment after their victory last fall when they rushed the field and carried their goalposts out of the stadium.  That kind of thing just doesn't happen in Norman.  Actually, only one time in Sooners history to be exact (2000 Nebraska).

    Missouri is a program that has been headed in the right direction for several years now.  Gary Pinkel is a great coach; it just sucks for him that he has to be in the same conference with Bob Stoops and Texas (notice I didn't say Mack Brown).

    Regardless of the direction their program is headed, they'll be coming to Norman in '11 after beating the Sooners in '10, and without Blaine Gabbert.  No disrespect to the Tigers, but it appears that Tulsa may have a better chance of winning in Norman this season.


    Odds Missouri wins in Norman: 24 percent


    P.S.—Dorial Green-Beckham: We want you in crimson and cream!!!

Texas Tech

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    Potts is done in LubbockRonald Martinez/Getty Images

    It does appear as if Texas Tech is pleased with the progress made by Coach Tuberville; maybe not the faculty itself, but those in charge of the football program to be sure.

    It has also brought in a pretty stellar 2010 recruiting class.  The Red Raiders are still a year or two away from probably being in contention for the Big 12 championship (if it's around that long), as they are going to be breaking in a new quarterback.

    Look for this Tech team to begin to resemble Tuberville teams past.  That being said, neither Texas Tech nor Oklahoma has been able to win at each other's house, and there's no reason to think that will change in '11.


    Odds Texas Tech wins in Norman: Nine percent

Iowa State

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    A new era at QB begins in AmesDoug Pensinger/Getty Images

    2009 saw Iowa State go into Lincoln and pull off a huge upset over the 'Huskers. 

    Most would have also considered its romp over the Longhorns in Austin in 2010 as a monumental upset as well if everyone else didn't go into Austin and do it too.

    No chance they make it three years in a row over the last of the big three.

    You absolutely have to love the Cyclones head coach though.  Who wouldn't want to leave it all out on the field for that guy?!


    Odds Iowa State wins in Norman: Eight percent

Texas A&M

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    Jeff Fuller would have looked good in Crimson and CreamRonald Martinez/Getty Images

    The only school that has even a remote chance of ending the nation's longest active home win streak in 2011 is Texas A&M.  Just like the Sooners, A&M appears pretty loaded for a strong run in 2011.

    The Sooners have Landry Jones and Ryan Broyles returning, while A&M counters with Ryan Taneyhill and Jeff Fuller.  A&M is beginning to pick up in its recruiting as well, and starting to challenge Oklahoma and Texas for the state's elite players.

    Problem is those kids in the 2010 class for A&M won't be much help this year in Norman.  While A&M's offense has potential to challenge the Sooners, its defense will get beat like it stole something.  Sooner fans everywhere are glad to see Von Miller making the move to the next level!

    Aggie fans, like Missouri fans can count on a little payback this year in Norman.


    Odds Texas A&M wins in Norman: 31 percent


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    Ryan Broyles will end his Sooner career having never lost a game in NormanRonald Martinez/Getty Images

    Sooner fans can relax in Norman come the 2011 season.  Their home schedule is the definition of "home cooking."  There's not a game on their schedule they shouldn't win by double digits.

    It's inevitable that Sooner haters will read this and quip something like "no wonder they win in Norman, they don't play anyone."  Let me run down a few schools that have fallen victim in Norman since 1998:

    Alabama, Oregon, UCLA, Washington, TCU, Cincinnati, Florida State, Miami and every Big 12 team besides Texas (neutral site).

    Sooner fans shouldn't get too giddy though.  Oklahoma's 47-game win streak that "will never be broken," was ended by Notre Dame.  Guess who comes to Norman in 2012?!


    Interesting bonus tidbit information:

    Below is the list the longest home winning streaks in college football history.

    Miami (Florida): 58 games (1985-1994)
    Alabama: 57 games (1963-1982)
    Harvard: 56 games (1890-1995)
    Michigan: 50 games (1901-1907)
    Nebraska: 47 games (1991-1998)
    Washington: 44 games (1908-1917)
    Texas: 42 games (1968-1976)
    Notre Dame: 40 games (1907-1918)
    Notre Dame: 38 games (1919-1927)
    Florida State: 37 games (1992-2001)
    Yale: 37 games (1904-1908)
    Oklahoma: 36 games (2005-Present)
    USC: 36 games (2001-2003)
    Marshall: 33 games (1995-2000)
    Nebraska: 33 games (1901-1906)


    Boomer Sooner Baby!!