How the NCAA can solve the dilemma of finding a true football champion.

Ryan MasseyContributor ISeptember 26, 2008

One of the most talked about things in college sports and sports in general, especially when November rolls around, is the BCS and how it fails. This has become an official autumn event. There is an easy way to solve the headaches that the NCAA creates for themselves. It would not take a lot of effort to end the migraines. Fixing the BCS is easy, and no, it doesn’t include a playoff system. Look below:

•          Re-assign all the bowl games

•          All based on conference wins, tie breaker(s):1) overall wins, 2)head to head,3)point differential

•          Conferences that have championship game, the loser is automatically #2 in conference

•          BCS final results could be released after all bowl games are played to determine the national championship game

•          Two weeks after all bowl games are done National Championship- #1 vs. #2  

The right champion would be found through this system. College football could keep tradition, keep the BCS, and make more money with a system that has the BCS run through the bowl games. The Ohio State, Florida, and Michigan controversy of 2006 would have been reduced to the winner of Ohio St v. Michigan goes to the Rose Bowl and the loser goes to the Capital One Bowl. Each would still have a shot at the National Championship. Ohio State would have had to play USC, Florida would have had to play Oklahoma, and Michigan would have had to play Arkansas.


The argument against having just a playoff system is that there will still be the same amount of controversy as there currently is. If there are eight teams, and the six major conference winners get automatic bids, how would the other two teams be selected? Would an SEC or Big 12 team that plays in a tough conference win in over a team like BYU that might go undefeated, but since they play in a weaker conference get punished?

  Sugar Bowl

SEC Champ vs. Big 12 Champ-

06-07- #2 Florida v. #10 Oklahoma

07-08- Championship Game

08-09- SEC Champ vs. Big 12 Champ


            Fiesta Bowl

Whatever bowl is hosting the championship game, the Fiesta Bowl hosts the bowl they normally have-  

06-07- Championship Game

07-08- # 2 LSU v. #4 Oklahoma

08-09- Big East Champ vs. ACC Champ 



            Orange Bowl

Big East Champ vs. ACC Champ-

06-07-#6 Louisville v.#14 Wake Forest

07-08- #9 West Virginia v. #3 Virginia Tech

08-09**-Championship Game

            Rose Bowl

Big Ten Champ vs. Pac Ten Champ-

06-07- #1 Ohio St. v. #5 USC

07-08- #1 Ohio St. v. #7 USC

08-09- Big Ten Champ v. Pac Ten Champ

            Capital One                

Big 10 #2 vs. SEC #2-

06-07-#3 Michigan ^ v. #12 Arkansas

07-08- Michigan^^ v. #16 Tennessee

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Big East #2 vs. Independent #1-

06-07- #16 Rutgers v. #11 Notre Dame

07-08- #25 UConn v. Navy

            AT&T Cotton              
ACC #2 vs. Pac 10 #2-

06-07- Georgia Tech v. #18 Cal

07-08- #14 Boston Coll. v. #11 Arizona St.

Big 12 #2 vs. SEC #3-

06-07- #23 Nebraska v. #9 Auburn

07-08- #6 Missouri v. #5 Georgia

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 Pac 10 #3 vs. Mountain West #1-

06-07- #22 Oregon St. v. #20 BYU

07-08- Oregon St. v. #17 BYU

Big East #3 vs. Big 10 #3-

06-07- #13 West Virginia v. #7 Wisconsin^

07-08- #22 Cincinnati v. #13 Illinois^^

Big 12 #3 vs. WAC #1-

06-07- #19 Texas v. #8 Boise St.

 07-08- #8 Kansas v. #10 Hawaii

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Big 10 #6 vs. MAC #1-

06-07- Minnesota v.Central Michigan

07-08- Iowa vs. Central Michigan

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SEC #4 vs. ACC #3-

06-07- #4 LSU v. #15 Virginia Tech

07-08- #23 Auburn v. #20 Virginia


             Sun Bowl

Pac 10 #4 vs. ACC #4-

06-07- #25 UCLA v. #24 Boston College

07-08- UCLA v. #15 Clemson


Big 12 #5 vs. C-USA #2-

06-07- Missouri v. Southern Mississippi

07-08- Texas Tech v. Tulsa

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Big 10 #4 vs. SEC #5-

06-07- Penn St. v. #17 Tennessee

07-08- #18 Wisconsin v. #12 Florida

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Big 10 #5 vs. C-USA #1-

06-07- Purdue v. Houston

07-08- Penn St. v. UCF

MAC #4 vs. ACC #7-

06-07- N. Illinois v. Virginia

07-08- Ball St. v. Florida St.

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Big East #4 vs. Big 12 #4-

06-07- South Florida v. #21 Texas A&M

07-08- #21 South Florida v. #19 Texas

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ACC #5 vs. Pac 10 #5-

06-07- Maryland v. Arizona State

07-08- Wake Forest v. Oregon

Pac 10 #6 vs. Sun Belt #1-

06-07- Oregon v.Troy

07-08- Arizona v. Troy

            Motor City                  
MAC #2 vs. Independent #2-

06-07- Ohio v. Navy

07-08- Miami (OH) vs. Western Kentucky

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ACC #6 vs. Mountain West #2-

06-07- Clemson v.TCU

07-08- Georgia Tech v. Air Force

            Bell Helicopter Armed Forces           
SEC #6 vs. WAC #2-

06-07- Georgia v.Hawaii

07-08- Arkansas v. #24 Boise State

            New Mexico               
Big 12 #7 vs. Big East #5-

06-07- Kansas St. v. Cincinnati

07-08- Oklahoma St .v. Rutgers

C-USA #3 vs. Big 12 #6-

06-07- Rice v. Texas Tech

07-08- E. Carolina v. Texas A&M

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WAC #4 vs Mountain West #4

06-07- Nevada v. Wyoming

07-08- Nevada v. Utah

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WAC #3 vs. Big 10 #7-

06-07- San Jose St. v. Indiana

07-08- Fresno State v. Michigan State

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Mountain West #3 vs. C-USA #4 (Big 12 #6 pre-2006)-

06-07- Utah v. E. Carolina

07-08- Utah v. Houston

Big Ten #8 #vs. SEC #8 (SEC #7 pre-2006) –

06-07- Iowa v. South Carolina

07-08- Indiana v. Alabama

SEC #7 vs. MAC #3-

06-07- Kentucky v. W. Michigan

07-08- Mississippi St. v. Bowling Green

            Congressional *

Sun Belt #2 vs. Pac 10 #7-

Pre 08-09- N/A


Big 12 #8 vs. ACC #8-

Pre 08-09- N/A

2006-2007 Championship Possibilities with this system(Based off of BCS standings)

·         Ohio St. & Florida win= Ohio St. vs. Florida

·         Ohio St. wins, Florida loss, Michigan wins= Ohio St. vs. Michigan

·         Ohio St, wins, Florida & Michigan lose, LSU wins= Ohio St. vs. LSU

·         Ohio St wins, Florida/Michigan/LSU lose, Louisville wins= Ohio St. vs Louisville

·         Ohio St. wins, Florida/Michigan/LSU/Louisville lose, Wisconsin wins= Ohio St. vs. Wisconsin

·         Ohio St. wins, Florida/Michigan/LSU/Louisville/Wisconsin lose, Boise St. wins= Ohio St. vs Boise St.

·         Ohio St. wins, Florida/Michigan/ LSU/Louisville/Wisconsin/Boise St. lose, Auburn wins= Ohio St. vs Auburn

·         Ohio St. wins, Florida/Michigan/LSU/Louisville/Wisconsin/Boise St./Auburn lose=Ohio St. vs. Oklahoma

·         Ohio St. lose, Florida & Michigan win= Florida vs. Michigan

·         Ohio St. lose, Florida wins, Michigan lose, LSU wins= Florida vs. LSU

·         Ohio St. lose, Florida win, Michigan & LSU lose= Florida vs. USC

·         Ohio St. & Florida lose, Michigan wins, LSU wins= Michigan vs. LSU

·         Ohio St. & Florida lose, Michigan wins, LSU lose= Michigan vs. USC

·         Ohio St/ Florida/ Michigan lose, LSU wins- LSU vs. USC

·         Ohio St./Florida/Michigan/LSU lose, Louisville wins= USC vs. Louisville

·         Ohio St./Florida/Michigan/LSU/Louisville lose, Wisconsin wins= USC vs. Wisconsin

·         Ohio St./Florida/Michigan/LSU/Louisville/Wisconsin lose, Boise St. win= USC vs. Boise St.

·         Ohio St./Florida/Michigan/LSU/Louisville/Wisconsin/Boise St. lose, Auburn wins= USC vs. Auburn

·         Ohio St./Florida/Michigan/LSU/Louisville/Wisconsin/Boise St./Auburn lose, Oklahoma wins= USC vs. Oklahomas

2007-2008 Championship Possibilities  with this system(Based off of BCS standings)

·         Ohio St. wins, LSU wins= Ohio St. vs. LSU

·         Ohio St. wins, LSU loses, Virginia Tech wins= Ohio St. vs. Virginia Tech

·         Ohio St. wins, LSU & Virginia Tech lose= Ohio St. vs. Oklahoma

·         Ohio St loses, LSU & Virginia Tech win= LSU vs. Virginia Tech

·         Ohio St. loses, LSU wins, Virginia Tech loses, Georgia wins= LSU vs. Georgia

·         Ohio St. loses, LSU wins, Virginia Tech & Georgia lose, Missouri wins= LSU vs. Missouri

·         Ohio St. & LSU loses, Virginia Tech wins= Virginia Tech vs. Oklahoma

·         Ohio St. loses, LSU wins, Virginia Tech loses, Georgia wins= LSU vs. Georgia

·         Ohio St. loses, LSU wins, Virginia Tech and Georgia lose ,Missouri wins= LSU vs. Missouri

·         Ohio St., LSU, Virginia Tech, Georgia lose, Missouri wins= Oklahoma vs. Missouri

·         Ohio St., LSU, Virginia Tech lose, Georgia wins= Oklahoma vs. Georgia

With all of these different scenarios of a championship game and very good match ups for bowl games, there would be excitement, instead of controversy, in the college football world. A team is never officially out of contention until the team or teams above them in the BCS standings win their bowl game.

^2007-2008  Wisconsin and Michigan tied in the conference standings. Michigan would be second from point differential.

^^2007-08  Illinois and Michigan tied in the conference standings, but Michigan beat Illinois, so Michigan would be #2 in Big Ten.