College Football 2011: USC vs. Tennessee and 9 Revenge Matchups We'd Like to See

John SmithCorrespondent IIFebruary 21, 2011

College Football 2011: USC vs. Tennessee and 9 Revenge Matchups We'd Like to See

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    There are some great games on the college football slate in the 2011 season, but there are some matchups that we will not get to see.

    Revenge is one of the things that keeps college athletes motivated. When one team beats your team, you feel like a part of you has been ripped out. You want a rematch of that game and you want revenge.

    Whether it's a bowl game, a rivalry game or a championship game; you always want revenge following a loss.

    There are many games that aren't included on this slide show because many revenge matchups will take place during the regular season.

    However, there are some games that aren't on the schedule, but we want them on the 2011 slate.


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Arkansas vs. Ohio State

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    2011 Sugar Bowl: Ohio State 31, Arkansas 26


    Why I want to see it?

    We are going to watch this game the way it was supposed to be played, with five Ohio State players sitting on the sideline.

    Arkansas will want revenge for a game that they should have won.

    I don't care who you are, Terrelle Pryor and company should not have been allowed to play.

    Granted, these will be two completely different teams next year, but something tells me that Arkansas still has a sour taste in their mouth.

    However, at least the Buckeyes were able to beat a SEC opponent.

Southern California vs. Tennessee

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    Why I want to see it?

    This is the battle of the team Lane Kiffin left, and the team that Lane Kiffin is coaching now.

    Southern California versus Tennessee. Pac-12 versus SEC.

    Following his first season at Tennessee, Kiffin bolted for USC after Pete Carroll left for Seattle.

    After this announcements, there were riots in the streets of Knoxville, Tennessee, and no, I am not joking.

    If this game was played in Tennessee, Kiffin would need extra security. If this game was played in USC, Kiffin might need security after getting beat by a SEC team.

Wisconsin vs. TCU

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    2011 Rose Bowl: TCU 21, Wisconsin 19


    Why I want to see it?

    I am a fan of well-played football, and that is exactly what I got in the 2011 Rose Bowl, and in a rematch I would expect nothing different.

    TCU declined a potential rematch for this upcoming year because Wisconsin was not willing to make a return trip to Texas. Wisconsin just wanted to play TCU in Madison.

    TCU, you did the right thing. The Horned Frogs beat the Badgers in Pasadena, and they should not give into only playing a road game.

    A rematch would most likely go in the direction of the Badgers, but the Horned Frogs have the bragging rights right now.

USC vs. Texas

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    2006 Rose Bowl: Texas 41, USC 38


    Why I want to see it?

    Who doesn't want to see a rematch of the greatest BCS championship game ever played.

    Granted, these are two completely different teams, but these are two of the most storied programs in the history of college football.

    These teams might have struggled in recent years, but that doesn't change the history of these two teams.

North Carolina vs. Tennessee

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    2010 Music City Bowl: North Carolina 30, Tennessee 27 (OT)


    Why I want to see it?

    The game between the Volunteers and Tar Heels was one of the better bowl games during the 2010 bowl season.

    This game is remembered for the terrible clock management by the Tar Heels, and the realization of a rule that isn't in effect in college football.

    In a bizarre set of plays, there was only a five-yard penalty instead of a 10-second run off. Fast forward to the 7:00 mark in the video to the left to see exactly what happened.

    A 10-second runoff would have ended the game and Tennessee would have won. However, the Heels kicked the field goal to tie it up to send the game into overtime.

    Eventually the Tar Heels would win in overtime, but the Vols would like revenge for a game they should have won.

Ohio State vs. Florida/LSU

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    2007 BCS Title Game: Florida 41, Ohio State 14

    2008 BCS Title Game: LSU 38, Ohio State 24


    Why I want to see it?

    Ohio State was able to beat a SEC team last season in the Sugar Bowl when they defeated Arkansas.

    However, the best of the Big Ten has yet to beat the best of the SEC.

    Check that, no one has been able to beat the SEC in the BCS Championship game since the 2007 game. Check that, no one has ever defeated an SEC team in the BCS Championship game. The SEC is a perfect 7-0.

    I have picked on Ohio State in this piece, but the truth of the matter is that Oklahoma and Texas could also be featured in this article.

Nebraska vs. Oklahoma

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    2010 Big 12 Championship Game: Oklahoma 23, Nebraska 20


    Why I want to see it?

    These former Big 12 teams have met 86 times with Oklahoma holding a 45-38-3 lead over Nebraska.

    With Nebraska leaving for the Big Ten meetings between these two will rarely meet in the future.

    The two last met in the Big 12 Championship game in a very well played game between the two schools.

    These are two of the most storied programs in the history of college football, and we will miss out not seeing them play.

    There are no games scheduled between these two teams in the foreseeable future, but there is always the chance of them meeting in a bowl or scheduling a future game.

Ohio State vs. Boise State/ TCU

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    Why I want to see it?

    I want to see this matchup because of Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee.

    "I do know, having been both a Southeastern Conference president and a Big Ten president, that it's like murderer's row every week for these schools. We do not play the Little Sisters of the Poor. We play very fine schools on any given day."

    That was the quote from Gee after being asked about whether Boise State or TCU should be considered national championship contenders.

    Gee also said, "Well, I don't know enough about the X's and O's of college football."

    Well, Gee, you shouldn't have said anything to begin with.

    Boise State and TCU are very good teams and they have shown that they can play with anyone. Something tells me that they would love to show Ohio State who the "little sisters of the poor" really are.

SEC All Stars vs. FBS All Stars

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    Why I want to see it?

    There are many All-Star games out there, East vs. West, North vs. South, but I want to see the All-Stars of the SEC take on the All-Stars of the rest of college football.

    The SEC has won the last five national championships and they have some of the best talent in college football.

    The rest of the college football landscape wants to get the SEC off the pedestal that it is on right now, and an All-Star game could be used to decide that.

    In high school football, there is a Texas vs. the rest of the US All-Star game every year, and I think college football would benefit from a SEC vs. rest of the FBS version of this.

Oregon vs. Auburn

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    Last Meeting

     2011 BCS Title Game: Auburn 22, Oregon 19


    Why I want to see it?

    Because it is the rematch of the 2011 BCS National Championship game.

    Granted, it wasn't that great of game, but something tells me the Ducks want revenge on the Tigers.

    In 2011, these teams will be completely different, especially Auburn, but that doesn't change the fact that the Ducks want revenge.

    Cam Newton and Nick Fairley wouldn't participate, but this game is more about the two programs.

    Oregon doesn't have a national championship, and Auburn took that opportunity away from them. The Ducks would be eager to have a rematch against the Tigers, but chances are we won't get to see one in the near future.

    Keep in mind that Oregon opens up the 2011 schedule with a game against LSU in Cowboys Stadium. So the Ducks will at least get to have an opportunity to face a SEC opponent.

    Here is my list, what games did I leave out?