Iron Bowl: Want Respect Between Auburn and Alabama? Forget About It!

Nathan DealCorrespondent IFebruary 16, 2011

A good friend of mine posted an article on B/R recently asking for mutual respect between Auburn and Alabama.

A truce, if you will.

Mark my words: It will never come.

From this day to the day where Jesus comes back to earth and the trumpets blair, there will be no respect, no love, between Auburn University and the University of Alabama.

On February 16th, 2011, the symbolic oak trees at Toomer's Corner in Auburn, which have been rolled with toilet paper by Auburn fans after victories for many years, were confirmed to be poisoned with a heavy dose of herbicide.

In a rivalry already lacking respect, the flames have reached such heights that no amount of firefighters could ever put it out.

Now, Auburn hates Alabama more than Alabama hates Auburn—which we didn't think was possible.

Auburn hasn't always been respectful either though.

Tigers fans constantly joke about the fallen Paul "Bear" Bryant, the most iconic coach in SEC history. The Bear Bryant statue outside of Bryant-Denny Stadium is often the victim of some Tiger pranks, such as spray-paint or being donned in a blue Cam Newton jersey.

But you can clean the paint off, and you can take the jersey off—but you can't revive a dead landmark that didn't have to die.

Almost all of the Alabama fans I have spoken to are absolutely shellshocked by this, and I can understand.

But this isn't the only idiot.

On the ESPN page for this issue, the second column reads, "Why didn't he just go ahead and poison that (expletive) eagle??? RTR."

Here are a few selected comments on the boards: 

-"Class isn't our thing. Killing trees is. RTR"

-"I hope Chiznik rolled around in that poison!"

-"Why should we sympathize? It's an (expletive) tree!!!"

-"Glad somebody finally got rid of that dirty tradition. RTR!"

-"Aubarn did this so they could build a Cam Newton statue there!"


The University of Alabama isn't responsible for this. But in a way, they are.

If they hadn't spoiled the 24-0 lead in the Iron Bowl against the unbeaten, eventual-BCS Champion Tigers, then there would have been no motive for the Alabama moron aside from being a moron. One of the key reasons he poisoned the trees was because of the Tigers' 28-27 win over the Crimson Tide in November.

Auburn and Alabama have had their share of NCAA troubles. Alabama fans and Auburn fans have been engaged in a war of words since ESPN released late-night bombshells in 2010 involving all-universe QB Cam Newton.

Alabama fans mock Auburn for their lack of titles. Auburn fans mock Alabama for their "imagination" of titles they don't have. Alabama fans say Auburn will get hammered by the NCAA once recruiting violations come out of the wash (i.e., Cam Newton, Trovon Reed).

Auburn fans then remind Alabama fans who is currently on probation and has been since the mid-1990s.

What if people become poisoned by this if it leaks into the water pipes underground?

Could this be (behind the Marshall plane crash) the most tragic event the wonderful sport of college football has ever witnessed?

Some Alabama fans are apologizing for the acts of this idiot, but the fact is, that won't revive the trees that still had a good bit of time left.

This goes beyond the football field, where the Crimson Tide might have made their bed in Jordan-Hare from now on.

There is no respect between AU and UA. There used to be; that isn't the case anymore.

Alabama was quick to respond by positioning police near the Bear Bryant statue outside of Bryant-Denny Stadium. But as I already said, you can't murder a statue.

You can try, if you want and that would probably bring a lot of gratification to Tigers fans. But you can't successfully kill something that is not even alive (and never has been).

This rivalry's respect is past the point of no return.

Nothing Alabama fans can say or do can every change Auburn fans' minds. The respect is officially at an all-time low....of zero.

I'm not one to condone violence, and in no way am I trying to spark an idea (likely because somebody already has) but one moron who has never even set foot in Tuscaloosa has just started a war.

Revenge is likely to strike on Alabama's campus.

Alabama fans, don't be surprised if you walk on campus one day and see every tree in sight covered in toilet paper.