Toomer's Corner Tree Poising: Has the Alabama-Auburn Rivarly Gone Too Far?

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Toomer's Corner Tree Poising: Has the Alabama-Auburn Rivarly Gone Too Far?
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As a graduate of the University of Alabama, I admit there is no love lost between the university I attended and Auburn University. I’ve written articles about Auburn, especially recently about the whole Cam Newton situation, not only because it was news but also because the articles would generate talk among Auburn fans.

Of course, my articles about Auburn didn’t sit well with a lot of Tigers fans and they let me know it. I’ve been called a bitch, fat, and my writing has been talked about. You name it, I’ve heard it.

I never considered any of those people a threat. They were just defending their school, which I understood, but this latest news about a so-called Alabama fan poisoning the trees at Toomer’s Corner at Auburn almost left me speechless.

First of all, anyone who does this kind of thing is not a fan. They are a NUT. It’s one thing to have a disdain for the other school, it’s another to go off the deep end because of said school.

According to the Finebaum show, this person did this in retaliation for some Auburn fans rolling Toomer’s after Coach Bryant’s death and for the prank someone pull by putting a Cam Newton jersey on the Bryant statue. This justified him killing 130-year-old trees.

Of course, Paul Finebaum is probably thrill because that means higher ratings for his show, which equals more nuts falling off the tree (no pun intended).

What this nut did is not only a black eye to the University of Alabama, but a black eye to the rivalry itself.

What’s next? An Auburn fan comes to Tuscaloosa and spray paints the Bear Bryant statue? I give credit to Alabama athletic director Mal Moore for coming out immediately saying how upset he was about the whole situation and Auburn University for not placing the blame on the University of Alabama, but the individual who did this.

Although some people are trying to bring calm to the situation, there are already talks of some type of revenge taking place, which is sad because this rivalry which will was already nasty to begin with. Looks like it’s about to get totally out of hand if it hasn’t already.

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