Is It Time for Florida State to Panic?

Daniel BrommerCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2008

Florida State just lost its third game in a row to Wake Forest. WAKE FOREST?

Both quarterbacks that played for the 'Noles, starter Christian Ponder and backup D'Vontrey Richardson, looked like deer in the headlights. They looked like they were playing against USC.

Both quarterbacks failed to show any sign that our quarterback conflict has been solved. They combined to throw a total of five interceptions in the game, when both of them entered the game with zero. I saw a lot of failed plays, mostly due to the quarterbacks.

What happened to Greg Carr, or even Corey Surrency? These receivers stand 6'5" and 6'6" respectively, and they weren't open. Wake Forest's starting cornerbacks don't even stand 6'0". Neither of these quarterbacks could throw up a lob and watch Carr or Surrency pull it down. It was a painful sight for any Florida State fan.

Although our offensive issues appear to be back, the defense was still as solid as it has been for the past 25 years. Mickey Andrews has put together another great squad.

That sounds weird considering that they lost, but how many defenses in the country would be able to hold a team to only field goals and no touchdowns, when each time they run onto the field, they have to defend their own end zone? I can't list five on my hand.

Florida State played its last game with starters sitting out due to the academic scandal last season. The suspensions are over, and now Florida State will have its full force roster going into the Colorado game on Saturday. Hopefully, for Florida State fans, that will improve our play on both sides of the ball.

Bottom line, for anyone that thought Florida State was ready to compete against the big boys—that's including me—you're wrong. Florida State is still at least another year away from being considered partially dominant.

Back to the question: Is it time to panic? I don't think yet, but if Florida State starts losing against teams like NC State or even Boston College, then we have some real problems on the horizon.