NCAA Football: 10 Meanest Coaches in College Football Today

Eric BowmanFeatured ColumnistFebruary 9, 2011

NCAA Football: 10 Meanest Coaches in College Football Today

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    When you think of someone as being mean they have certain qualities that aren't likable. They're nasty, despicable, cruel, and downright rotten.

    In college football there are a few coaches who are quite awful. But because some of these guys win games, you just have to let it slide.

    This wasn't an easy list to come up with so if I left anyone out feel free to let me know. I have included a couple of guys who currently don't coach anywhere, but that's only because they deserve to be here. Those guys are football coaches and sooner or later they'll land another job. Well, maybe.

    And the list...  

10. Rich Rodriguez

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    The last time we saw Rich Rodriguez he cried. Was that just for show? Did he weep in front of everyone to plead his loyalty to Michigan in hopes of saving his job? That surely worked. 

    Rich Rod started on this downward spiral the day he left West Virginia. There was speculation he wasn't getting along with then school president Michael Garrison. Then came the issues with the contract. The whole thing was a mess.

    While Rich Rod was at Michigan he was accused of over working his players. Some guys weren't to found of this and spoke out. A few players claimed that the coach was practicing them too much. These guys are in college, let them enjoy life, Rodriguez. The NCAA then launched an investigation on Michigan. 

    Rich Rod's fallout from coaching happened because his mean spirited ways kept him in the news and he kept losing games.   

9. Randy Edsall

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    Randy Edsall coached the Connecticut Huskies for 12 years. He left like he was only there for a year.

    Edsall was picked over a number of candidates to be the new head coach for Maryland. The worst part about this is how Edsall dealt with the situation.

    He didn't join the team after the loss to Oklahoma at the Fiesta Bowl. Nor did he tell his players he would never coach them again. Not a very nice thing to do Randy.

    It left several players distraught and upset. 

8. Steve Spurrier

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    The 'Ol Ball Coach is a game...cock. His dominance over the years has been too much for some and he is strongly disliked by several people.

    Spurrier is arrogant and rude. He is mean and distasteful. When he's mad it's best to stay out of his way. If a player isn't doing well Spurrier isn't afraid to pull him out, even if it costs him the game.

    He doesn't always stick by his players and that doesn't sit well with some.  

7. Mike Gundy

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    Mike Gundy handles the media well...except not. 

    It's great that he stuck up for his player but he did not have to react the way he did. No need to get all crazy on the reporters Mike. 

    We get it. You're a man, and no a very nice one. 

    Best part of this when he says "Brought to me by a mother, a mother of children."

    Really? Are there any other types of mothers Mike? 

6. Bo Pelini

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    If Pelini does this on the sidelines I wonder what he does behind closed doors. Sure does make a man think. 

    Pelini was extremely outraged at young quarterback Taylor Martinez. He later stated it was wrong of him to react that way and he made a mistake pulling Martinez. Where those true words, or just crap to make sure Martinez didn't quit the team? 

    We'll never know, but don't be surprised if Pelini has any future outbursts. The dude is a fiery guy. 

5. Bobby Petrino

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    Chris Graythen/Getty Images

    Petrino bolted Louisville for the NFL. He coached the Atlanta Falcons and things weren't going so well. So instead of seeing it through and finishing the season, Petrino leaves mid season without saying a word.

    Petrino left the Falcons to become the head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. His actions were downright rude and in no way classy at all.    

    You can never believe anything this guy says.  

4. Nick Saban

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    Nick Saban wins. Therefore not many really care what he does.

    Saban used to coach the LSU Tigers but decided to leave and try his hand at the NFL. He became the head coach of the Miami Dolphins in 2005 and didn't stay there very long. Saban wasn't a very good coach in the NFL and debated about whether or not to leave and return to college.

    He spoke at a press conference and straight up said he wasn't leaving for Alabama. Saban claimed he would remain at Miami. A few days later he resigned from the Dolphins and the rest is history.

    He's a stone cold guy and one heck of a football coach. But it's best to stay on his good side.  

3. Mark Mangino

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    Former head coach Mark Mangino has never been a nice guy. He's had problems the day he started coaching. Mangino has a blazing temper and is very quick to get angry. If a call doesn't go his way he isn't afraid to let the officials know about it. And his choice of words are far from kind. 

    He was fired from Kansas after the school monitored they way he treated his team. They found that it wasn't a good environment so they let him go. Many players voiced their opinions and it sounds as though nobody really liked the guy all that much.

    He's offensive and annoying. He swears all the time, especially at his players. These are the qualities that are keeping him from coaching again. 

2. Mike Leach

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    He allegedly forced a kid into dark closet because he had a concussion. What was he thinking? That kid happened to be Adam James, son of current ESPN analyst Craig James. Leach felt he did nothing wrong and didn't need to apologize. Texas Tech suspended him and then he was fired soon after.

    You can't go around punishing kids like that. Leach often cursed on the sidelines or at practice, sometimes at the players. He was angry at Adam James and told members of his staff to lock him in a dark room. Leach just happened to mess with the wrong kid. A kid who's father happens to be in a very high place.

    The whole situation just seemed strange. It's a lot of he said she said stuff and there are still legal actions being handled.

    Was he fired so the school could save money? Did ESPN have anything to do with the firing?  What really happened? A new book is being released that will tell the truth of the event that changed Mike Leach's life.  

1. Lane Kiffin

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    The meanest of the mean. Lane Kiffin tops them all because he's on sly son of a gun. He'll lie, cheat, and steal to get what he wants. And what Lane Kiffin wants is to win.

    The man knows how to recruit and being mean comes along with the recruiting game. How else do teams sway kids to their school? They bash the heck out of the other schools that kid is looking at. And if that doesn't work you just accuse the other schools of cheating.  

    Lane Kiffin got his first head coaching job with Tennessee, and it was a decent season. When Pete Carroll left USC for the NFL Kiffin jumped at the chance of a dream job. You can't really blame the guy for wanting to go to a better job. What you can blame him for is the way he handled everything. 

    Kiffin was extremely disrespectful in his departure from Tennessee. He left the school stranded and hung out to dry. What's even worse is that Kiffin tried to steal current players and recruits away from Tennessee. The Vols did this guy a favor and this is how they repay him? That's just dirty.

    That's just good 'ol "Lance" Kiffin for you.