Hawkeyes-Huskers: Options for Name of Future Annual Rivalry

Steven Elonich@@TheMainSteventCorrespondent IFebruary 6, 2011

Hawkeyes-Huskers: Options for Name of Future Annual Rivalry

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    Feuding foes will turn from verbal arguments into on-the-field football when Iowa heads to Lincoln to cap off the 2011 regular season against Nebraska's beloved Cornhuskers.

    Both teams have their own opinions as to why their respected teams should win, but both teams are lacking one thing: something to officially name this rivalry.

    Here are a few options floating around, and don't be shy naming some of your own ideas.


    *I would like to apologize for anyone who read this before it was republished. For some reason after I originally published it, all of my slide titles were changed along with the original title of this article.

"The Corn Bowl"

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    Short, simple, and sweet. Sure, it kind of sets a typical stereotype that everyone in the Midwest lives on a farm, which for the record, isn't true, but that's something that can be dealt with.


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    Both states are known for their farms.

    Armageddon means "A final conflict."

    A final conflict of farms? Awesome.

"Missouri River Massacre"

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    The only thing separating the two states is the Missouri River. Why not include it in the name? Omaha, Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Iowa would enjoy this one.

"The Cornicles of Farmia"

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    Just in case the reference slipped past you; The Chronicles of Narnia. This one is a little too cheesy and long, so it wouldn't stick, but I like the creativity.

"The Ashton Kutcher/Larry The Cable Guy Bowl"

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    Husker comedian vs. Iowa actor. Lacks creativity and won't lost, but hey, it shows two of the best known graduates from each respective school.

    Another option, judging solely on original place of residence would be President Reagan/Warren Buffett Bowl.

"The Battle For The Cattle"

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    Obviously, "Omaha Steaks," but Iowa has their fair share of those delicious cows as well. This is one both teams could agree on, as it is a common export.

"The Corn-Hawk Trophy"

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    This one resembles the Cy-Hawk trophy too much. It's too simple and not creative enough. However, it could make an interesting trophy design.