Florida Football Recruiting: Examining the Gators' Top 10 Recruits

Trevor Lowry@@TheTrevorLowryContributor IFebruary 2, 2011

Florida Football Recruiting: Examining the Gators' Top 10 Recruits

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    The Florida Gators have been one of the top teams in the nation ever since Urban Meyer took over as the head coach. Now with Meyer gone, will the Gators still get the recruits that they have gotten in the past?

    This is most likely not the case, but being the Florida Gators, they will still get some really good players on their team. Year after year, Florida is in the top 10 in recruiting classes and this year will be no different than the rest.

10. Kyle Christy, K

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    Kyle is one of the best punters/kickers going into the college level. He is capable of hitting 60-yard field goals and he will find himself winning many games for the Gators.

9. Clay Burton, DE

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    Clay Burton is not your average defensive end, coming in at 6'3" and 225 pounds. However, he is very well-put together and fits the position very well. He has a very good frame that will pack on some more pounds playing at the next level, which will help him out tremendously. 

8. Javares McRoy, WR

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    Javares isn't the average wide receiver, coming in at 5'9" and 165 pounds. Although he is short, he is very quick.

    He is a very physical football player that has everything for the receiver position expect height. If McRoy does not make it at wide receiver, he is a very good candidate for a cornerback position. 

7. Marcus Roberson, S

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    Marcus Roberson is a defensive back prospect who has good height and length. He is 6 feet tall and weighs 170 pounds. Once he begins to fill out in the next level, he will be even better. His versatility allows him to play safety or as a cornerback. 

6. Jabari Gorman, S

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    Gorman is a very great athlete who can do many things, making him very versatile. He is 6 feet tall and weighs 180 pounds.

    If he can gain a little bit more weight he would be even better and could possibly play at the cornerback position. 

5. De'Ante "Pop" Saunders, Defensive Back

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    Saunders is a machine at the defensive back position. He is a 6-foot, 180 pound star. He led Central Florida in rushing with 1,000 yards and he runs a 4.5 40-yard dash. Did I mention that he is a defensive back?

    Saunders has the ability to switch direction faster than anyone on the field and whether he is put on defense or offense, he is going to be a star. 

4. Mike Blakely, RB

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    Mike Blakely is a very electric runner who fits the running back position perfectly. He is very strong coming in at 5'9" and 193 pounds. 

    Blakely can start and stop on a dime, which goes along great with his speed and ability to run other players over.

3. A.C. Leonard, ATH

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    A.C. Leonard is coming out of the University Christian High School in Florida. He weighs in at 232 pounds and stands 6'3". 

    Leonard can do just about anything on the field. He can play anywhere from linebacker to a tight end to wide receiver. This man can do it all and he will find a perfect position for himself playing for the Gators. 

2. Ja'Jaun Story, WR

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    Ja'Jaun Story stands 6'3" and weighs 190 pounds. He is big and rangy, but he is also very quick. With his good hands and long wingspan, he will be catching a lot of touchdowns for the Florida Gators. 

    Story gets off of the line very quickly and he gets into routes even quicker. He is a quarterback's best friend. 

1. Jeff Driskel, Quarterback

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    Jeff Driskel is the prize of the Florida Gators 2011 recruiting class. He is going to do wonders with Will Muschamp and Charlie Weis coaching him. 

    Although he will probably be a backup quarterback to start the season, he will give John Brantley all he can handle at the starting position. 

    Driskel plays in a shotgun spread offense, but he is completely capable of playing in pro-set offense or any offense that is thrown at him.

    Jeff Driskel is going to be the future of the Florida Gators football team.