Purdue Football Recruiting: National Signing Day 2011 and A.J. King Reaction

James EvensCorrespondent IFebruary 2, 2011

National signing day 2011 has come and gone and it looks as though the Boilermakers have one of the weakest recruiting classes in the nation once again this season.

According to most major media providers, Purdue has the weakest recruiting class in the Big Ten, and I couldn't agree more.

The Boilermakers signed only 15 players this season in what is one of Purdue's smallest recruiting classes in the history of the program. Part of this can be contributed to the small senior class of 2010.

It seems as though Purdue cannot control the talent of Indiana anymore as only two of their commitments were Indiana boys.

Out of the 15 players, none are listed as over 3-star prospects, and there is not a very exciting player on the list.

Armstead Williams looks like the best true freshman on the list and will help out on the defensive side of the ball at the outside linebacker position.

Another player the Boilermakers should be somewhat excited for is junior college running back Akeem Shavers out of Texas. Shavers is a fast back and will learn a lot behind guys like Ralph Bolden this season.

For the Boilermakers however their national signing day was marred by a poor decision by the coaching staff.

One of the best prospects out of this class, A.J. King out of Florida was set to sign with Purdue. The 6'0" speedy wide receiver was expected to be a star for the Boilermakers but that will not happen because of a poor decision by the coaching staff who pulled his scholarship earlier this week.

King had surgery to repair an ACL not too long ago and without having him examined or evaluated, the Boilermakers pulled his scholarship igniting a firestorm of controversy, and heartbreak for King.

King's coach Sean Callahan was very angry when he spoke to CollegeFootballTalk. Callahan said, "They flew A.J. up there to Purdue, everybody wowed him, told him they loved him and all that. Then, after he came home, they pulled him, without ever talking to our doctors, without ever talking to our trainers."

“It’s completely unprofessional. In all my years as a coach, I’ve never, ever seen something done to a kid like this.”

Callahan went on to say that he has banned Purdue from recruiting his players.

Purdue was not able to comment on this situation due to NCAA rules.

If you are a Boilermaker fan, you should have a bad taste in your mouth after reading this account. It's completely uncalled for, and not the type of name you want your program to have.

So all of you Boilermaker fans out there that wonder why we can't recruit high-quality players, ask yourself, would you want to play for a coach that just left this kid on the curb like this?


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