Alabama's 2011 Season Wish List: Title No. 14 and Counting?

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2011

The Mt. Everest of CFB.
The Mt. Everest of CFB.Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

We are less than a week away from signing day and once again Alabama is poised to have a number one ranked recruiting class. For Tide fans that would be wish number one. For that wish helps future wishes.

Two recruits that would help solidify that would be Cyrus Kouandjio and Jadeveon Clowney. The top rated offensive lineman and defensive end, respectively, in the country according to However, there are others as well whom will help the Tide's recruiting cause.

The next wish would be a strong and productive spring practice. This wish actually has a reverberation wish from the players. They wish for a strong turn out of about 101,182 fans to watch the "A" Day Game on April 16. Both fans and team wish for a healthy, injury free spring training as well. No one wants to see that 2010 bug again.

Alabama fans also wish there will not be a quarterback controversy. As everyone knows the most popular player on the team is the back-up quarterback. At this point, most fans believe that the quarterback position is A.J. McCarron's to lose.

Some in the Tide nation want to see Phillip Sims, the four star quarterback out of Chesapeake, Virginia, who was part of the 2010 class. However, what the fans truly want is decisive play out of this position no matter who holds the keys.

One of the biggest wishes will be the cream of the crop. I don't mean talent. Alabama is loaded with talent. The Bama Nation wants to see leadership. Will A.J. be that leader on offense? Who will lead on the defensive side of the ball? Upshaw? Hightower? Barron?

Whoever it will be they can feel comfortable knowing they have a force around them for success.

How about this wish, that the almighty powerful offense that was hyped for the 2010 season will show up for this season. Losing Joe Pendry to retirement is a blow to the system, but the fans are glad that four out of five offensive starting linemen are returning. 

That is a key to success right there.

Add another top notch running back behind Richardson and the journey continues on the right path.

Of course no list would be complete without the wish of an undefeated season. However, that kind of wish takes a lot of discipline, skill, motivation, timing, and a little luck. And, with a new, young quarterback it may be a tall order to fill.

But wishing Maze or Hanks can fill Julio's shoes to help out the young QB is not going to be as far fetched as one may think. 

What the fans didn't realize they wished for, some seven years ago, was scheduling. The Tide's "tour de course" of the home and away games lends itself to a great season. Take a look for yourself and decide where the toughest pitfalls lie and remember who is coaching whom.

I just wish I could see how it turns out now. 

2011 Bama Football Schedule:

Kent State

@ Penn State

North Texas


@ Florida


@ Mississippi




@ Mississippi State

Georgia Southern@ Auburn