Alabama Season Outlook

Jon LuncefordCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2008

The 3-0 Alabama Crimson Tide are ready for conference play.  Alabama heads to Fayetteville, Ark. this weekend to take on the Arkansas Razorbacks to finally give their freshman a taste of conference play. 

Alabama ranks in the top five for teams with the most true freshman playing.  Players like the No. 1 recruit Julio Jones, all the way to the phenomenal running back, Mark Ingram, are all ready to head on the road and get a win over the Hogs.

Alabama's offense has the perfect mix of depth and seniority.  Between senior QB John Parker Wilson leading the backfield and Junior tackle Andre Smith leading the offensive line, the offense is solid.  Even when Smith went down in the opener against Clemson, the Tide had back-ups to spare, and they did not disappoint. 

Alabama also holds one of the nation's top defense's by allowing an average of a little over seven points a game.  Anchored by the previously 400-pound monster, Terrance Cody, the defense is ready to play like they did in the season opener against Clemson.  Alabama's linebacker situation has become more effective since the reinstatement of Prince Hall who was on suspension previously. 

Overall, Alabama has a recipe for success.  A struggle against Tulane turned out to be a fluke as Alabama took their win from Clemson and reveled in it a bit too much.  Western Kentucky was no match for the Tide after the non-impresive showing against Tulane as Alabama took them out with ease.

Nick Saban had these words for Cecil Hurt from, to describe the motion of his team:

"I see two teams in the country right now that are dominant in the way they play, USC and Oklahoma. Everybody else is a little up and down, struggling, not doing what they need to do to be that. I know we're neither one of those teams. I just continue to try to get our fans and everyone to focus on the process. No one was really interested in the Tulane game around here. It was like we're looking far, far ahead. It creates an atmosphere where it's difficult to perform with consistency."

Alabama gets their first taste of a road game, as well as their first SEC game this weekend, but the real tests will begin week five as Alabama heads to Athens, Ga. to face the No. 3 Bulldogs. 

Like their cross-state rivals, Auburn, this team finally has a chance to prove their worth within the SEC over the next couple of weeks.  Alabama has the depth with their freshman to take over the SEC, and a win over the Razorbacks and Bulldogs will help vault them into the running for winning the SEC West, and perhaps the SEC Championship.