Could the Oklahoma Sooners Beat the USC Trojans?

Jeff JohnsonCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2008

With three weeks of college football under our belts, we’ve started to see glimpses of how this season will turn out.  We know the Georgia is not as good as advertised and that ECU is this seasons Appalachian State.  Ohio State is not going to compete for a national title this year and the USC Trojans are as good a football team as we’ve seen in a long time.  

However, if the BCS title game were held today, could current number two Oklahoma compete or even beat the Trojans? Oklahoma so far has played three games, scoring at least 52 points per game.  Granted, one of those wins was again I-AA University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.   

However, the other two wins came against decent opponents, namely Cincinnati and the University of Washington.  In all three contests, the Sooners picked their opponents apart.  In fact, in all three outings the second and third string players were in for Oklahoma by the third quarter.   

Sam Bradford is on schedule to shatter his records from last year.  He currently has 12 touchdowns with 882 yards and only two interceptions.  Both the running back and the receivers have been spot on so far this season, combining for 23 touchdowns.  The defense and special teams have given up only 42 points this season while allowing the offense to amass 164.  
In contrast, USC has been able to display the athletic talent that they have at every position.  Their big question before the season, QB Mark Sanchez has thrown for seven touchdowns and 510 yards over two games.  Their receiving core has been impressive, making catches no mortal man should have a chance at.  

Their defense has so far allowed only ten points, including limiting then #5 Ohio State’s offense to a single field goal.  Frankly, this entire team scares me a bit.  Looking down their schedule, I have a hard time finding where their challenge might be. For Oklahoma, that might be a good thing.  

While USC probably won’t be challenged until a BCS bowl game, Oklahoma will have plenty of difficult games.  They play Texas, Kansas State, Kansas, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma State all in the regular season.  Three of those teams are currently ranked in the top 20.  

If the season plays out the way we believe it will, Oklahoma will face Chase Daniels and the Missouri Tigers in the Big 12 Championship.  That would be six big games before facing down USC in the BCS Championship Bowl. To answer the question, I believe that Oklahoma has a great chance to beat USC at the end of the season.  

Barring the “BCS curse,” that Oklahoma has been under the past few seasons, I expect them to become a much stronger team throughout the regular season.  They should then take all that experience into the championship bowl game and not only compete but beat the Trojans.