Norm Chow: Will He Leave UCLA and Join the Utah Utes As Offensive Coordinator?

Del KerbyContributor IJanuary 21, 2011

Norm Chow
Norm ChowChristian Petersen/Getty Images

With former Ute Tim Davis coming over from Minnesota as offensive line coach, will Norm Chow be the next former Ute to rejoin his alma mater?  Rumor has it that Norm Chow is in negotiations with UCLA to end his contract with the Bruins and is headed to Utah as the Offensive Coordinator, as reported by

The UCLA Bruins are in total free-fall, and Rick Neuheisel's staff is in disarray.  It is obvious he has handled the coaching situation very poorly.  This is reflected in the low recruiting numbers and the lack of any direction coming out of his office.  

Now, with the hiring of Mike Johnson from the 49ers, it appears that Norm Chow is headed out of the door.  Officially, Johnson will be coming in as the wide receivers coach, but will likely be promoted to the offensive coordinator position once negotiations with Norm Chow are finalized.

For Norm Chow, this is a win-win situation. 

First, he gets out of a program that is currently rudderless and drifting in a sea of turmoil.  It will be a couple of years, probably under a new head coach, before UCLA begins to turn things around.

Secondly, he gets to go to a program that is recruiting well (32nd on Rivals) and on the rise.  He stays in the Pac-12 and goes back to his coaching roots in Salt Lake City. 

His background and familiarity with the Pac-12 will be a tremendous asset to the Utes.  He already knows the teams they will play in conference and how to prepare for them offensively.

Chow is very well known in Salt Lake City and with the Utah football program.  He was selected to the Utes All Century Team for his play at guard from 1965-1967. 

Chow was the offensive coordinator for BYU from 1982-1999. His coaching helped them to a National Championship in 1984.  The last time a mid-major program won the championship.

He has been instrumental in developing some of the great quarterbacks in the NFL.  Quarterbacks like Steve Young, Phillip Rivers, Jim McMahon and Carson Palmer are just a few of his success stories.

With 8 of the top 14 quarterbacks in passing efficiency and 13 of the top 30 in passing yardage in the NCAA record books, this speaks to his success as a coach.

So, if the rumor is true, for Norm Chow this will be a no brainer.  He is a quality coach and with a head coach like Kyle Whittingham at the rudder, Chow will help the Utes to excel in the Pac-12.