College Football Predictions: Baby's Losers Week 4, Return to Reality

BabyTateSenior Writer ISeptember 16, 2008


Last week a featured game, Texas vs. Arkansas, was postponed. Instead of the normal "Crazy 8" we go to 9 this week to bring ourselves current. 

The Titan of Alabama, Timothy, won the weekly contest, going 6-1, missing only Maryland's upset of California. We had a five way tie for second with readers hitting five out of seven, followed by Robert at 4-2.

He didn't make the Carolina-Georgia prediction because he didn't want to jinx his Bulldogs. I believe that was his Karma that caused Mike Davis of Carolina to fumble the ball in the end zone so, he's happy.

Miami Mitch and Mark went 3-4 for the week. Baby Tate was 5-2, missing California and Ohio St. He is 18-5 for the year, 78 percent correct.

RANK/NAME              LAST WEEK    MISSED                           FOR THE YEAR,  PCT.

1: Timothy                    6-1               California                       20-3                     87

2: (TIE) 12                    5-2               California, Michigan     19-4                     83 Michael                         5-2                California, Hawaii        12-3                     80 Kristofer  5-2   Cal, Ohio St  10-5    67


Kenneth & jdogg81                5-2   71%

1) Alabama @ Arkansas

This is a great rivalry full of trivia tid-bits. Bear Bryant, an Arkansas native, won his first national title by beating Arkansas 10-3 in the '61 season Sugar Bowl. Hog callers always have something to shout about and this year they are better than they seem on paper.

In a tight battle, Baby's Loser, Arkansas.

2) Mississippi State @ Ga. Tech

Now this is a game that has classic battle written all over it. The Maroons thought Auburn's offense was predictable? Wait till they see Paul Johnson's run first, ask questions later attack!

Bear Bryant disciple, Sylvester Croom, has his work cut out for him in this clash at Grant Field.

Baby's Loser, Mississippi State.

3) Florida Atlantic @ Minnesota

The King of Bear Bryant disciples, Howard Schnellenberger, really has a challenge with the undefeated Go-Go Gophers on the road. Schnellenberger has been staggering close to victory lately, so look out! 

Baby's Loser, in a close one, Florida Atlantic.

4) Florida @ Tennessee

The Gators are looking for an opponent that can bring out the best in them. They've come to the right place. Jockeying for position to play Sou Cal in the BCS title game begins right now.

Baby's Loser, Tennessee.

5) Georgia @ Arizona State

Bulldog fans know this is their first game outside of the confederacy since 1965. If the time change does not mess up their body clocks, they should be ready for Rudy Carpenter and his band of desert desperadoes.

Baby's Loser, in a thriller, Arizona State.

6) Notre Dame @ Michigan State

Former South Carolina assistant coach Charlie Weis vs. former South Carolina defensive back Mark Dantonio! How's that for bringing a little SEC flavor to this classic match-up? 

The Spartans stalled out against Cal in the season opener but they are riding high now. The Irish are much improved defensively this season. Let's say Weis' leg bothers him too much this week.

Baby's Loser, Notre Dame.

7) Boise State @ Oregon

This is the battle for Northwest supremacy. The Ducks seem to be on the road to a major bowl while the Broncos have proven they can win big away from their beloved blue carpet.

In a high-scoring clash of offensive powerhouses, this one goes down to the final play.

Baby's Loser, Boise State.

8) Miami @ Texas A&M

The type of intersectional game that made college football what it is today. I am no fan of how the Aggies dump coaches when they lose a couple of games. Miami's job is a hot seat as well.

I keep thinking how tired the Hurricanes looked at the end of the Florida game. Last year the Hurricanes humiliated the Aggies. Something tells me there is a little payback coming.

Baby's Loser, Miami.



A funny thing happened to the War Eagle faithful on the way to the SEC West title this season. Alabama looks much better than people imagined and LSU has displayed the kind of brutish muscle in their lineplay that led them to the National Championship last season.

Lastly, Auburn looks like the worst team in the SEC judging from the first month of the season. You can't blame their woes just on Tommy Tuberville's Tigers as they have faced a lot of resistance from teams that should have just laid down for them. The offense of the Plainsmen is not clicking.

On Saturday, they face a team that lays down for no one. When introduced, the LSU Tigers walk like royalty across the field. Their coach, Les Miles, out-gambled the gambler (Tommy Tuberville) last season to win this game with one second left.

"Plenty of time" said Miles after the epic clash. This is the national champion, a mighty national champion, Auburn will face. Still, you get the feeling the home team always wins this game.

Baby's Loser, in a classic, LSU. 


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