Alabama, Auburn and Lars Anderson: A 1,000 Ways To Skin a Little Brother!

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IJanuary 21, 2011

It is the greatest rivalry....of hate.
It is the greatest rivalry....of hate.Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Over the past few days, a little bit of Iron Bowl rivalry has reared its ugly head.

Actually, that head is reared 24-7-365 in the state of Alabama.

Lars Anderson of Sports Illustrated wrote an article concerning the "little brother" syndrome and Auburn University.

Being that this is in Alabama and what could be better than pitting two major programs against each other, Paul Finebaum, the watered-down Howard Stern of sports talk radio, brought attention to it on his program. Good man.

In Lars' article, he noted that since 1981, the Tigers have six SEC titles to Bama's five, have one more undefeated season (3-2) and four more Iron Bowl victories at 17-13, along with more Heisman Trophy winners at 2-to-1 and overall wins (254 to 226).

Actually, Lars is wrong, Auburn has 255 wins and Alabama also has 255 wins.

Uh-oh, Lars left something else out. National Championships. Alabama has two to Auburn's one.

However, the aforementioned is all meaningless.

I want to ask you a little question through a shortened yarn.

These twin brothers went to work on the same day. Both of them went into the commodities field buying and selling things such as pork. Or as you know it, bacon, like you would find in a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich.

Well, one brother was very successful in the first 25 years. He had earned $300 million to put in his bank account and this was not going away. Straight cash. The other brother had earned $5 million over the same period to put in his account.

During the next 10 years, the brother that had made less money increased his wealth by $60 million and the other brother had increased his account by $59 million.

So, who has more money?

The point is people like to cherry pick. Sometimes it makes their argument better. 

If football started in 1981, I could understand Lars' little brother viewpoint. The problem is, football for the University of Alabama and Auburn University began in 1892. 

I could cherry pick, and I have, and say that over the last four years Alabama has more wins than Auburn. Over the last three years Alabama has more victories over Auburn. Or, over the last 19 years Alabama has gone to more SEC championship games. Whether they won or not.

However, the realization is that Alabama has more national championships, SEC championships, more bowl appearances, more bowl wins, and more total wins than Auburn. And one other thing, more victories over Auburn.

The Alabama football program is a journey and not a destination. And until Auburn can garner more than what Alabama has accomplished so far in their journey... well then, they are just riding shotgun.