Nebraska Recruiting: Cornhusker Recruit Creer Taking Open Approach To Process

Brandon CavanaughCorrespondent IJanuary 21, 2011

Take the good china off of the table.

Nebraska will have one less recruit visiting this weekend.

Pacific Palisades, California’s Malcolm Creer has altered his strategy in regards to finding the proper place to call home.

“It would be better if I can go to a school that offered rather than waiting for an offer once I get there.”

The University of Colorado, one of the newest members of the expanding Pac-12 conference, has come after Creer with a vengeance.

“I have been talking to E.B. [offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy] and waiting for their new staff to settle. After they called, they offered.”

The Buffaloes are the second school to officially offer Malcolm, the first being Idaho State. South Dakota and Eastern Washington are also vying for his services along with the aforementioned schools.

While the Cornhuskers won’t have the pleasure of hosting Creer this weekend, they have been in contact.

“I talked to them the day that Colorado offered me. Coach Sanders told me to go ahead and enjoy the experience. They said that they’d get back to me down the stretch.”

When asked what school has had the most contact with Creer, he said, “The Washington running backs coach came out and attended my basketball game.” Malcolm also noted the repeated contact with Bieniemy and Colorado.

Malcolm will be missing his high school’s team banquet to travel to Boulder. The physical running back prospect wrote a very heartfelt message to his teammates regarding his absence.

An excerpt from the letter:

“Your support provided me with the opportunity to make this trip. Without all of you teaching me the game and criticizing me when I needed it, I wouldn’t be the player that I am.

"Remember when the coach chanted and called me: ‘over-rated' and all of you guys joined in which made me push harder? I can truly say that I am the player that I am today because of all of you.”

Creer confirmed that, at this point, Colorado is in the lead for his services due to officially having an invite to be a part of the Buffaloes’ roster. In a previous interview, Malcolm has expressed his desire to keep his options open until National Signing Day on February 2nd.

According to him, that hasn’t changed.

“I’m going to see all of my options, keep everything open until National Signing Day and narrow down my decision.”

With Creer heavily focused on offers, would he entertain a trip to Lincoln should the Cornhuskers officially welcome him to join the team?

It’d be outstanding if they did.”

It was expressed that if Nebraska offered, he would travel to Lincoln for his final official visit.

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