College Football Recruiting: TCU Horned Frogs Top Commitments for 2011

Josh MartinNBA Lead WriterJanuary 19, 2011

College Football Recruiting: TCU Horned Frogs Top Commitments for 2011

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    National Signing Day is right around the corner, and the TCU Horned Frogs have to be excited about their current haul.

    Gary Patterson's coaching staff has parlayed a perfect 13-0 season, including a win over Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl, and a No. 2 ranking in both major polls into a solid 25-man class, currently ranked 27th in the nation by

    This particular group will be due for an unusual challenge, as many of the 2011 entrants will likely be making their way into the rotation in Fort Worth once the team takes its talents to the Big East.

    That being the case, let's get to know what, and who, the future has in store for the future of Texas Christian football.

    Note: each player's star rating and position ranking comes from

Ladarius Brown, ****, No. 14 Wide Receiver

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    At 6'2" and 185 pounds, Ladarius Brown is TCU's top-ranked commit and for good reason.

    The wide-out from Waxahachie, Texas chose the Horned Frogs over offers from the likes of Oklahoma, Texas and Nebraska, and will likely put his ability to run after the catch and block to good use in Fort Worth.

Brandon Carter, ****, No. 21 Wide Receiver

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    Just behind Brown in TCU's class is Brandon Carter, another wide receiver from Texas.

    The pass-catcher from Trinity High School in Euless played mostly a running back in high school, but will likely put his slighter frame and speed to good use on the outside.

Cameron White, ****, No. 25 Wide Receiver

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    Gary Patterson's latest haul is clearly heavy on wide receivers, with Cameron White not the least among them.

    The 6'2", 175-pounder from Desoto spurned offers from Iowa, Arizona, Texas A&M and Oklahoma State to play for the Frogs, who will benefit from his size and speed as a downfield threat.

Laderice Sanders, ***, No. 24 Middle Linebacker

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    Unlike his previously profiled classmates, Laderice Sanders was not heavily recruited out of Arlington, Texas but could turn out to be a star on TCU's defense.

    At 6'1" and 220 pounds, Sanders isn't particularly huge for a middle linebacker, but certainly has the instincts and the ability to make tackles to be an impact player at the position.

Trevone Boykin, ***, No. 37 Quarterback

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    There's no guarantee that Trevone Boykin will actually end up playing quarterback for Gary Patterson, but he could very well have a significant impact on the program nonetheless.

    The 6', 185-pounder from Mesquite doesn't necessarily have the requisite size that coaches look for in a signal caller, but his speed could make him an asset as a wide receiver or special teams return man if needed.

Kolby Griffin, ***, No. 40 Cornerback

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    When all is said and done, Kolby Griffin could turn out to be the biggest gem in TCU's 2011 recruiting class.

    At 6' and 180 pounds, Griffin, a cornerback out of Houston, has terrific size and speed, with a 4.42 40-yard dash, and may be a shutdown-quality defensive back.

James Bailey, ***, No. 43 Safety

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    Joining Griffin in TCU's defensive backfield at some point will be James Bailey.

    The 6'2", 202-pounder from Everman, Texas has the look of a hard-hitting, terrorizing safety.

Dominic Merka, ***, No. 47 Quarterback

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    If Trevone Boykin doesn't get the nod at quarterback for the Horned Frogs, look for Gary Patterson to hand the reigns off to Dominic Merka.

    At 6'5" and 220 pounds, Merka has the frame of a big-time quarterback, with a solid arm to boot.

Chuck Hunter, ***, No. 48 Defensive Tackle

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    Chuck Hunter checks in as TCU's highest-ranked recruit from outside the state of Texas.

    The 6'1", 290-pounder from West Monroe, Louisiana has excellent speed to go along with his hulking mass as a defensive tackle.

    With some more coaching, Hunter will likely be a terror for opposing offenses to handle in the Big East.

Quincy Aldridge, ***, No. 49 Safety

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    While James Bailey is busy with the heavy hitting as TCU's strong safety, Quincy Aldridge will likely be roaming the field for the Horned Frogs' defense looking to disrupt and pick off passes as a free safety.

    The slender defensive back, at 6'2" and 190 pounds, has great vision and will likely flourish in whatever zone schemes Gary Patterson and company concoct.

Deryck Gildon, ***, No. 54 Outside Linebacker

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    At 6'2" and 195 pounds, Deryck Gildon may not yet have the sheer mass to succeed at the college level, but he certainly has the frame and speed to become a force on the outside eventually.

    The kid from Arlington, Texas turned down offers from Iowa, Tulsa, Kansas and SMU to be a part of the Horned Frogs football program.

Jon Lewis, ***, No. 56 Defensive Tackle

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    Like Gildon at linebacker, Jon Lewis doesn't yet have the size to play defensive tackle for TCU, but he has all the talent to be a force eventually.

    At 6'3" and 265 pounds, Lewis chose Gary Patterson's offer over those from Alabama, Michigan and Arizona, and will likely benefit tremendously from the efforts of the defensive staff in Fort Worth.

Jamelle Naff, ***, No. 57 Offensive Guard

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    Though Jamelle Naff doesn't yet have the experience to play offensive guard at TCU, his size makes him a candidate to get some early playing time.

    However, the 6'4", 311-pounder, who overlooked offers from Arizona, Colorado and Missouri, will likely find his way into the Horned Frogs' offensive line rotation within the next two or three years. 

Carter Wall, ***, No. 58 Offensive Tackle

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    Thanks to a recent change of heart, Carter Wall will someday join Jamelle Naff along TCU's offensive front rather than working up front for June Jones at SMU.

    The 6'5", 265-pound offensive tackle from Sugar Land, Texas still has plenty of frame to fill out, but already boasts plenty of skill and attitude to be a success up front for the Horned Frogs

Travoskey Garrett, ***, No. 73 Safety

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    Interestingly enough, Gary Patterson's latest class at TCU is loaded with wide receivers and the players who like to hit them, including Travoskey Garrett.

    The 6'2", 190-pound safety from Lufkin, Texas didn't have quite the load of offers to choose from like his classmates, but his size and speed make him an excellent option in both zone and man-to-man schemes.

Bobby Thompson, ***, No. 79 Offensive Tackle

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    Bobby Thompson looks destined to be a mammoth up front for the Horned Frogs' offense.

    At 6'7" and 285 pounds, Thompson still has plenty of room to grow before he takes over at the offensive tackle spot in Fort Worth, which bodes well for a guy who is already an excellent run blocker.

David Porter, ***, No. 81 Wide Receiver

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    At TCU, David Porter will have the opportunity to once again play alongside Cameron White, as the two played wide receiver together at Desoto High School.

    Also, Porter, a 5'11", 185-pound receiver, will have the chance to contribute in Fort Worth as a solid threat over the middle of the field who has a reliable set of hands.

Austin Terry, ***, No. 93 Defensive End

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    Austin Terry doesn't quite have the look of a linebacker, much less a defensive end.

    However, the 6'2", 215-pounder projects as a defensive lineman who can contribute as a linebacker on occasion thanks to his athleticism, speed and notable lateral quickness.

Chris Hackett, ***, No. 95 Safety

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    Chris Hackett has the versatility to play just about anywhere Gary Patterson might need him in the defensive backfield.

    The 6'2", 180-pounder is one of two recruits in TCU's 2011 class out of John Tyler High School in Tyler, Texas.

David Bush, ***, No. 118 Wide Receiver

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    The other is David Bush, a 5'11", 165-pound receiver.

    Like Carter Wall, Bush garnered interest from SMU, but ultimately chose TCU as his college football home.

Chad Hedlund, **, No. 8 Kicker

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    There's not really a whole lot to say about Chad Hedlund, other than the fact that he has an absolute boot for a foot.

    Hedlund has already proven himself to be an accurate kicker with plenty of leg strength and gumption, having already punched through a 50-yard field goal to win a game in his high school career.

Chazten Gonzales, **, No. 105 Quarterback

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    With two quarterbacks already in his class, Chazten Gonzales may grade out better as an "athlete" than as a signal caller.

    The 6'1", 180-pounder from Oklahoma is known for his play-making ability as a dual threat quarterback, which bodes well for him as a general offensive threat going forward.

Brady Foltz, **, No. 105 Offensive Guard

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    Like Gonzales, Brady Foltz will arrive in Fort Worth as another lightly-recruited but potentially productive recruit out of the Midwest.

    The 6'4", 285-pound offensive guard from Rose Hill, Kansas may work his way into TCU's offensive line rotation once he adds some more bulk to his frame.

Davion Pearson, **, No. 119 Defensive Tackle

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    Perhaps no recruit in TCU's 2011 class has as much raw talent as Davion Pearson.

    Emphasis on raw.

    The 6'1", 315-pound nose tackle from Oklahoma City has plenty of size, strength and athleticism to be a force in the middle for the Horned Frogs' defense, but still has a way to go to hone his technique.

Jason Verrett, **, Junior College Cornerback

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    Rounding out Gary Patterson's 25-man class is Jason Verrett, a junior college cornerback out of Santa Rosa, California.

    The 5'10", 180-pounder should get some playing time right off the bat for the Horned Frogs, as the team is looking to replace graduating seniors Jason Teague and Malcolm Williams in the defensive backfield.