Greedy NCAA and the Money Maker BCS: How Fans Can Have a Playoff System

Seth NewmanCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2011

The Bowl Championship Series, or BCS, is the single most criticized thing in college football. When the BCS makes its selection, there are always one or two teams that are very unhappy. College football is a changing game that now revolves around money.

The NCAA wouldn’t want a playoff system because of all the money it makes during the BCS with its bowl sponsors. But every other football league has a playoff system, so how can the NCAA make money and have a playoff?

The answer is pretty simple.

The NCAA should set up a 16-team bracket. Teams that are ranked 1 through 16 should be in the tournament no matter what conference they are from.

The NCAA is concerned about losing it’s sponsors for the bowl games. There will be a total of 15 bowl games played in this playoff bracket. The top 15 bowl sponsors should each get a game.

Bowl games such as the Cotton, Capital One, Outback, Champ Sports, Gator and Insight Bowls would all sponsor a opening or second-round game. Meanwhile, the Rose, Orange, Fiesta and Sugar Bowls would all sponsor the final games.

The NCAA would still make a lot of money from all the sponsors from the games and fans would get a playoff bracket.

This year there were 35 college bowl games, and with 15 bowl games in the playoff system, the remaining 20 college bowl games could then be played outside the playoffs, either before or during it.

I believe the ratings for the playoffs would exceed that of the BCS because the national audience would be more familiar with teams like TCU or a Boise State after watching them play in the first couple of rounds in the playoffs.

More money and better ratings would make the NCAA happy.

A playoff system where every top team has a chance is what fans want. This would satisfy both parties and end controversy in the college football post season.