Questions for the Top 25: Week 3

Evan WileyCorrespondent ISeptember 14, 2008

After watching the top 25 in action this weekend, I have existential.

1.  USC vs. Ohio State:  Is there no one else?  Is there no one else?

2.  UGA vs. South Carolina:  What's the SEC record for penalty yards in a game?

3.  Oklahoma vs. Washington:  Think they'll switch places with Ohio State?

4.  Florida (off):  Think Tebow kissed any more of his receivers this weekend?

5.  Ohio State vs. USC:  Did anyone think Beanie mattered this much?  Or was the Ohio vs. Ohio St. game our first indicator that something was amiss? Should they have been named "Team Beanie"?

6.  Missouri vs. Nevada:  Did anyone else see this merciless beating coming?  Does anyone else think Maclin looks like a whippet?

7.  LSU vs. North Texas:  Couldn't they have beaten them by a wider margin? 

8.  Texas vs. Arkansas:  Is this game even worth watching?

9.  Auburn vs. Miss St:  What on EARTH happened to Auburn's offense?  Did MSU's defense finally awaken with a taste for Tiger/War Eagle/Plainsmen flesh?

10.  Wisconsin vs. Fresno:  Think Wisconsin's luck will hold out?

11.  Bama vs. WKU:  Could Bama's game vs. UGA be a preview of the SEC championship game?

12.  Texas Tech vs. SMU:  Shouldn't they be ranked above Texas?

13.  Kansas vs. USF:  Was last season a fluke?

14.  ECU vs. Tulane:  Did Tulane improve that much or was WV that overrated? 

15.  UNLV vs. ASU:  How much money was lost on this one?  Do they even have a prayer against UGA after getting beaten by a team that started the season in the bottom 10? Will they still be in the top 25?

16.  Oregon vs. Purdue:  When will people realize how high-powered Oregon's offense is?  Does USC have something to worry about?

17.  Penn State vs Syracuse:  Did anyone else see that crazy old lady in the end zone bleachers?  Was it actually a crazy old lady or a college kid dressed like one?

18.  BYU vs. UCLA:  Do BYU fans have them pegged for the BCS title game yet?  Or is it just that Tennessee is really that terrible this year?

19.  Wake Forest was off, did they feel the Tar Heels breathing down their neck?

20.   USF vs. Kansas:  Think they'll be taken seriously now?   Think they'll switch spots with Kansas in the polls?

21.  Fresno St. vs Wisconsin:  How many death threats will Fresno's kicker get by Monday?

22.  Utah vs. Utah St:  The MWC has been putting out some great offensive stats as of late, think they'll get a BCS bowl and fill the ACC power vacuum?

23.  Cal vs. Maryland:  How embarrassing is it to be beaten by a sub-par team from a conference, that as a whole, is in a state of rebuilding? 

24.  Illinois vs. UL-L:  Should it have been this close vs. a member of the UL U-pick-em?  Think they'll be ranked after next week's visit to Penn State?

25.  West Virginia(bye):  Why can't Jesco White be their mascot?