10 Pro Venues That Should Host The BCS National Championship Game

Chris Eggemeyer@@chriseggemeyerCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2011

10 Pro Venues That Should Host The BCS National Championship Game

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    Anyone who has been watching college football for a few years knows the rotation of locations for the BCS National Championship Game:

    • University of Phoenix Stadium
    • Sun Life Stadium (Dolphins' Stadium)
    • Rose Bowl
    • Louisiana Superdome

    Don't get me wrong, these three venues are great, but we're getting to the point where some variety would be more than welcome, and there are plenty of venues around that are more than capable of hosting the biggest game in college football.

    So then, let's take a look at 10 venues that haven't hosted the BCS National Championship yet, but should.

10. Qualcomm Stadium

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    Qualcomm Stadium may be one of the oldest stadiums in the NFL, but it is still heavily used and more than functional.

    Not only does it host the San Diego Chargers, but the Holiday Bowl and the Poinsettia Bowl both are played there.

    Aside from all that, who wouldn't want to play a National Championship in sunny southern California?

9. Heinz Field

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    Heinz Field plays host to a lot of big games every year, and not just in football.

    Sure, they host one of the two meetings between the Steelers and the Ravens every year, but they now showcase games like the NHL Winter Classic as well.

    Heinz Field is one of those venues that every football player is familiar with.

    It has a tendency to create interesting games on account of the various weather conditions, and it would probably be the best east coast venue for the BCS National Championship.

8. Gillette Stadium

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    Everyone knows that Gillette Stadium is the home of great football, but few know that it hosts a multitude of other sports, including college lacrosse and soccer.

    Gillette provides an excellent and relatively new venue for an east coast BCS Championship.

7. Invesco Field at Mile High

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    For a really nice stadium in a really nice area, Invesco Field sure doesn't get used as much as it should.

    Sure, teams would probably have to come out a little early to get acclimated to the altitude, but it's a great stadium, and it's right next to downtown Denver, so travel and accommodations would be no problem at all.

6. Lucas Oil Stadium

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    Because hey, when you spend $720M on a new stadium, you want a lot of people to use it.

    That aside, though, it is one of the best stadiums in the U.S.

    It's seating capacity is in line with University of Phoenix Stadium (so they don't have to worry about not filling the stands) and its location would be conducive to drawing a big crowd.

5. Qwest Field

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    Known as the loudest stadium in the NFL, Qwest Field would be an ideal setting for some great college football.

    It's an amazing stadium in a great location, and the fact that it has some magical ability to amplify sound would make it a great fan experience.

4. New Meadowlands Stadium

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    As the newest stadium in the NFL, New Meadowlands at least deserves mention on this list.

    With Super Bowl XLVII to be hosted there in 2014, people have already recognized that it is a great venue for big games.

    It has a much larger capacity than University of Phoenix Stadium—82,566 vs. 78,600—but hey, that only means that the NCAA can sell more tickets, right?

3. Georgia Dome

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    The BCS National Championship already plays in the Louisiana Superdome every now and then, so why not add another one to that list?

    The Georgia Dome is one of the best sports venues in the world. It'd be perfect for the BCS National Championship, especially if the SEC continues its streak of appearances.

2. Cowboys Stadium

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    Aside from the Jumbotron issue, Jerry Jones did a fantastic job creating arguably the best professional venue in the NFL.

    The new Cowboys Stadium is a brilliant stage for all of the biggest games, and after a successful hosting of the Cotton Bowl this year, there's no reason to believe that Cowboys Stadium shouldn't take a step up and host college football's biggest game.

1. Wembley Stadium

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    As a part of an initiative to bring the NFL to the world, the NFL began playing games in England in 2007, using the great Wembley Stadium as their venue.

    Wembley Stadium is one of the most amazing stadiums in the world. It would be an amazing experience for the teams and it would continue to aid American football exposure abroad.