Tears For Ohio State

Emily ThompsonCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2008

The Buckeyes are my team. From birth, my daddy dressed me up in Ohio State cheerleader outfits, and taught me how to yell, "Go Bucks." I quickly realized when I should scream at the TV, and that I'll never like the refs.

Eventually, I actually learned about the game, and dad was coming to biddy football games to watch me be a real cheerleader. Then the progression went on to Junior High and High School cheering, but my love for the Buckeyes only grew—as did my knowledge of the game.

When it came time to choose going to a D-II school to cheer or to Ohio State, I chose Ohio State. It's where my heart is. Even after tonight, it's where my heart is.

I always have an excuse for losing. Against Florida in '06, it was Ted Ginn Jr. getting hurt, and against LSU last year, it was the 56-day layoff between games. Tonight, I could probably think of one, but there's no use.

Beanie playing would have not changed the game, maybe would have made it less embarrassing, but wouldn't have made it enough to win.

The Pac-10 officiating crew was a joke, but Boeckman handed USC 14 points on a silver platter, so that excuse is gone.

Boeckman played horribly. It was sad to watch, but what ever happened tonight, it doesn't really matter. All I'm feeling right now is like pit in my stomach-lump in my throat-holding back tears kinda thing.

My Buckeyes, my No. 1, failed. Boeckman will be booed on returning to Columbus, no doubt in my mind. If he does anything less than 300 yards and four touchdowns next week, he will be booed in the stadium. Truthfully, I'm jumping on the Terrelle Pryor bandwagon.

This Buckeye is upset. I can't believe what happened tonight, and I don't want to talk about it. All I want to do is get pumped for next week. I'll be there, in Block O, waiting for my boys to bounce back.

I'm down, and I'm broken, but I'm bleeding Scarlet and Gray. This week is gone from my memory—if for at all, but tonight.