South Carolina Gamecocks Can Expect a Heavy Dose of Knowshon Moreno

NC NighthawkAnalyst ISeptember 13, 2008

“I think our running backs are going to touch it 30-35 times a game,” Richt said. “Forty percent to 50 percent of the touches we’re going to run our tailback or he’d be the receiver. If Richard Samuel or Caleb King is running well, I don’t know if there’s a need to give Knowshon more than somewhere around 18 to 25 [touches]. That’s probably a pretty good range for a guy game in and game out.”

Moreno averaged 23 touches after becoming the starter last season, including a season-high 35 against Florida. Georgia won all seven games.

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Utilizing Moreno early and often is a no-brainer versus a South Carolina squad who has shown no fire thus far this season.  Moreno only had approximately 15 touches in the Bulldogs’ loss to the Gamecocks a year ago.

Speaking of a lack of fire in the belly, this brings me to the topic of Steve Spurrier.  I know that Spurrier can’t find and attract the quality of recruits at South Carolina like he got in Florida, but by now, you would think he would have found an elite quarterback, at least. 

Spurrier was humiliated by his failure and experiences coaching the Washington Redskins in the NFL.  Spurrier probably accepted the South Carolina position because of the states’ awesome golf course, especially the one at Hilton Head Island.

Also, Columbia is only approximately a one hour drive to Augusta, GA, where the Masters Golf Tournament is played at the famous Augusta National. Therefore, Spurrier has lacked the fire he displayed at Florida due to his humiliating experience in the NFL.

Remember, Spurrier failed as an NFL quarterback too.  Wasn’t he the quarterback of the notorious 0-14 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (in 1976, I think)?

On the other side of this spectrum is Mark Richt of the Georgia Bulldogs.  Georgia probably won’t win the mythical collegiate national title this season due to a tough schedule and the players’ lack of experience of being in the national limelight.

But I expect Richt to win at least one national title in Athens, perhaps in 2009, especially if Mathew Stafford stays for his senior season. 

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