Temple Football Coach Steve Addazio Wants To Coach at UConn

TJ CorbsCorrespondent IJanuary 12, 2011

Sources have reported that Temple's Steve Addazio wants to leave Temple and go to UConn.
Sources have reported that Temple's Steve Addazio wants to leave Temple and go to UConn.Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Reports have surfaced in Connecticut's flagship paper, the Hartford Courant, that recently hired Temple football coach Steve Addazio wants out of Temple and is reaching out to a search firm hired by the University of Connecticut to assist in replacing Randy Edsall as coach.  

Neither Addazio nor Temple athletic director Bill Bradshaw have denied the report.

Temple has a history of apathetic fan support.  

Temple athletics has also come under fire as a tax burden and could face financing cuts.  

There should be no question why Steve Addazio wants out of Temple before he even starts.  Temple is a horrible place to coach football.

The question remains, does UConn want Addazio?  Addazio was a highly criticized offense coordinator under Urban Myer at the University of Florida.  A website created by fans encouraging the firing of Addazio was created this past season. 

Temple, one of the worst athletic programs in the nation, is often considered a last resort for coaches.  Addazio was also Temple's fifth or sixth choice in their head coach search after Al Golden left Philadelphia.  One reason Golden left Temple is believed to be the impending Temple athletic budget cuts. 

Does UConn really want Temple's fifth or sixth choice as their next head coach?

And how does Temple handle this situation in the future.  It appears there are only three options:

  1. Fire Addazio or hope he gets hired by UConn and then move towards a coach who actually wants to be at Temple.  This may require dipping into the high school ranks.
  2. Live in denial that this report from credible sources is true.
  3. Forgive Addazio, realize he is the best Temple can do and move on.

Very tough situation for Temple and Temple fans.  It cannot be fun knowing that your brand new coach is already looking for a new job.

Temple's dream coach has always been Andy Talley from crosstown rival Villanova.  Despite playing Division 1-AA, Talley has dominated Temple over the years. 

However, with Villanova looking to join the Big East for football and Villanova's overall superior climate, there is little chance that Talley would ever take the step down the social ladder and go to Temple.