CFB: Boring Bowl Season, Ever Wonder Why People Just Don't Care Anymore?

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CFB: Boring Bowl Season, Ever Wonder Why People Just Don't Care Anymore?
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Blasphemous as it may sound, Americans are tuning out college football during the bowl season.  Or are they being tuned out and have decided they just don't care anymore?  Let's see.

One reason, there are just too many bowl games—period.  Who watched every bowl game, outside of the ESPN game analysts that are paid to do so and the local sports bar fly?  Nobody.

My personal opinion is that, if ESPN has its way, there will be more, not less, bowl games in the future.  There were 28 bowl games in 2002 and now we have 35 games with the addition of the TicketCity Bowl. 

Another possible reason is when you look at the teams playing in many of these bowls.  No one, outside of those teams' fan base and the hardcore college football fan cared to watch. 

Just because a team becomes bowl eligible at 6-6, does that mean they get to play in a bowl game?  Teams like Tennessee, Kansas State and Michigan with losing conference records played in bowl games.  My question is why? 

These teams, as well as many others, didn't deserve to play in a postseason bowl.  By playing a soft out of conference schedule, these teams made it to bowl eligibility, but were they really deserving?  By the rules they were, and maybe that means the rules need to be changed.

Finally, the majority Americans are becoming apathetic to the bowls.  The reason being is they can't watch them on their home television as they get their signal via antenna.  Yes, even in our advanced society, most televisions are not connected to a cable or satellite provider. 

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Instead, they go about their daily lives, shopping for Christmas gifts and preparing for the holidays with their families.  They forget about college football until New Year's Day, and then they could watch only one game, the Outback Bowl with a couple of 7-5 teams. 

So was this the most boring bowl season to date?  I don't know as I can't remember last year's bowl season.  Maybe that was the most boring bowl season?  I don't know.

Personally, I had problems just trying to keep up with all the different games and having to decide if I should watch re-runs of NCIS on USA instead.  I mean it wasn't hard to decide between "Gibbs" and games like the Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl or the Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl St. Petersburg.  Gibbs won out every time.

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