UW Football: What is wrong with this team?

Chris EastonCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2008

It has been awhile since I've written on here, for that I apologize.

The reason for the delay is because this is my favorite time of the year, not even close. Football season starting, watching my team go out and play. The air turns crisp, a renewing of education and the continuing cycle of life for the youth of America.

One problem, two weeks into the season, my team is crap.

Now, I know a lot of people who are not as die hard UW fans will tell me to calm down, come off the ledge. They've only played one game in conference, they have played two top 20 teams and almost beat BYU last week! A few problems with that:

1) BYU is not a top 20 team, they are, at best, 5th in the Pac-10 if they played all the Pac-10 teams.

2) UW hasn't looked like they belong on the same field.

The UW has won the turnover battle and still lost. They've ridden Superstar QB Jake Locker (who some diehards don't like at QB, to those, you are morons and shouldn't be allowed to breath the same air as me or watch this team) as hard as they could.

There is a classic test, you look at the team you are playing against, and how many of your players would start for them. Against Oregon, 1. Against BYU, 1. Jake Locker is the only stud on this team.

If you think of it from a mathematical formula it is D = 2.0L * 1.25B * 1.0C Where D = Defense, L = Defensive Line, B = Linebackers and C = Secondary. If your Line is horrible, you won't be good defensively.

This Defensive line is horrible, which makes the secondary much worse and the linebackers have to be much better. You can win if you have three or four good defensive lineman. Your run defense is better, your secondary doesn't have to cover as long as the QB is under more pressure.

This defensive line is young, and not good. It has given up 500 yards two straight weeks and plays in a league known for good offenses. This defense did not force BYU to punt in the second half.

This is a young team, granted, but why? The blame has to fall squarely on the shoulders of the coach. In his four years at UW, he is starting a grand total of seven players out of 22 from his first two recruiting years. That means the other 15 are either from an earlier class (Garcia, White-Frisbee on the OL) or are first or second year players in the program.

Looking at his first class, the two top rated recruits are now playing at Central Washington after leaving the program for "undisclosed reasons". Willingham has removed three of the top recruited players from various years (Craig Chambers, J.R. Hasty, and EJ Savannah) and seen his attrition rate grow alarmingly.

Also, the amount of JC kids that have been recruited on Willingham's watch is 12, of which two have played significant time (Marcel Reese and Jason Wells). The problem with JC kids is that they don't get a full five years to play four, they get usually four to play three or three to play two. So, the 10 guys you wasted a scholarship on, you could have taken a flier on a kid that had some potential (Brandon Gibson from WSU, possibly). The talent evaluation of this staff is horrible.

It is a strange feeling to root for a team that you know isn't going to win. This week we take on might Oklahoma, who is better than us at every position. They are going to beat us up from the first snap. It might be a learning experience for those young 18, 19, and 20-year-olds on the defensive line.

This is what Ty sold them on, coming out and playing top flight competition. Too bad, Stoops sold his kids on the ability to play top flight competition in practice and to win on Saturdays. That's the part Ty forgot.

So, we will march to the stadium, and I will watch this team and instead of looking at the scoreboard, I will watch little things, like how good Quentin Richardson looks at corner versus good WR. Or, how good Middleton looks against fast players.

Will Locker be cursed with another case of the dropsies by his WR? Will Freeman get touches at RB, and how will the Offensive line play against these monsters from Norman?

A lot can be learned from this game with a Bye week and Stanford in two weeks. You still have to go 5-3 in the Pac-10 and beat Notre Dame to go to a bowl. Do I think that can happen? Hell no. Will I root for them to win? Hell yes. Jake Locker deserves it.