Coach Chris Petersen of Boise State Shows Why He's a Class Act

Del KerbyContributor IJanuary 11, 2011

A True Player's Coach - Making them better people
A True Player's Coach - Making them better peopleChristian Petersen/Getty Images

As a college football fan and former player, I love it when a coach shows loyalty to a program, thus reaffirming my faith in the human condition.

With so many coaches, it's all about the prestige programs or the money. Lane Kiffin or Dennis Erickson would be examples of this.

You know what I mean—signing a multi-year deal with one program only to break it within the first year to move to a "better" program (I think that means more money).

Now we have coach Chris Petersen of Boise State in the mix for all kinds of jobs, from Florida to California.

Almost all of the talking heads had him moving on to Stanford since he was a northern California person. His parents still live in Yuba City, where he went to high school, he's a graduate of UC Davis and still has ties to its coaching staff and he recruits extensively in the area.

But what was lost on the Mike Bellottis and other "analysts" of the world is that for Coach Pete, it's not about the prestige, but about building something.

Chris Petersen is building something unique. He's working on taking a program from being a joke about smurfs to being one of the best college football teams in the country. They say Bronco players approach games with a chip on their shoulder; I believe that is a reflection of their coach.

Petersen has been with the BSU Broncos since 2001, and all they have done is win.

Regardless of what conference they play in, the Broncos have a penchant for winning games and I believe that's because the coaching staff has a chip on its shoulder due to the lack of respect given the Broncos. I mean really, how many programs are 114-16 over the past 10 years and 61-5 over the past five? 

The success of the program can be seen as well in where the BSU assistant coaches end up going. While Petersen stays in Boise, his assistants have moved to programs at Tennessee (Justin Wilcox, D-coordinator) and now Texas (Bryan Harsin, O-coordinator).

What does this say about the Boise State program and Petersen's ability to find and grow talent, not just with players, but with coaches as well?

It tells us that he's not only a coach, but a mentor as well. Not seeking accolades for himself, he achieves success for his program by making those around him better players and coaches.

As a BSU alumnus and fan of the Broncos, I can only say that Coach Petersen is the face of the Broncos. His faith and loyalty to what he's building are a testament to the man. The commitment he's keeping to the players he's recruited by staying is a reason that 3-star and more 4-star players are committing to BSU.

Petersen is a rare breed in today's college football world and reflects what college athletics is supposed to be about.