Cam Newton, Nick Fairley and Michael Dyer: The Pride Of Auburn Football

Ethan NorofCorrespondent IJanuary 11, 2011

Newton was all smiles after the game.
Newton was all smiles after the game.Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Cam Newton couldn't win this alone.

The Big Three is a term often tossed around in basketball ever since the Boston Celtics paired Paul Pierce with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen.

Suddenly, it's very relevant in the collegiate football sphere as well.

While most of the talk has been focused around Newton for the majority of the season, and for good reason, it's clear that the talent on Auburn's roster extends far beyond the Heisman Trophy winner.

Though Newton certainly played well throughout the majority of the BCS Championship Game, there was no chance of Auburn winning this one without the standout play from both DT Nick Fairley and RB Michael Dyer.

Since consensus first overall pick Andrew Luck announced that he would be returning to Stanford for another season, many have been looking at Nick Fairley as the favorite to be heading to Carolina. The Panthers have a plethora of holes on the roster, and haven't had a legitimate defensive tackle along the line since Kris Jenkins.

Fairley has shown the ability to penetrate the offensive line with ease, has displayed incredible agility for a man of his size, and most importantly, appears to have the football IQ that so many GMs and coaches desire when searching for a possible top overall selection.

The definition of a power back, Dyer is 5'8" and a solid 200 lbs. Though he obviously took a backseat to Newton in the rushing game, Dyer made his impact immediately as a freshman to this football team, averaging 6.1 YPC in the regular season and 1,236 yards rushing.

But it wasn't until the game against Oregon that the entire world took notice.

With Newton and Fairley both looking extremely likely to depart to the NFL in the upcoming draft, the future of the Auburn football team rests squarely on the broad shoulders of Michael Dyer.

And if the effort shown in the championship game was a sign of things to come for the freshman back and his football team?

This Auburn team could find sustained success for quite some time.