Auburn Tigers: Is Cam Newton Really Better Than Terrelle Pryor?

Eddie WaltersAnalyst IIJanuary 11, 2011

Terrelle Pryor  rushes past the Oregon Defense in last years Rose Bowl.
Terrelle Pryor rushes past the Oregon Defense in last years Rose Bowl.

We all love watching Cam Newton play, he's exciting and shows great passion whenever he steps on the field. After winning the Heisman Trophy and leading Auburn to the BCS Championship game, "experts" were predicting Newton to be a first round pick, even possibly a top ten guy.

No doubt Newton is a great athlete who put up great numbers this year, and was well deserving of the Heisman Trophy but, statements Pryor made earlier this year really have me wondering.

"I'll put it like this: You put me in any of their offenses—any of them—and I'd dominate," said Pryor when asked about what he thought of the numbers guys like Cam Newton and Michigan's Denard Robinson were putting up during the year.

After watching tonight's game when Newton went against the Oregon Ducks, almost the same team Pryor went against last year in the Rose Bowl, I could not help but notice that when it gets down too it, Newton really isn't that much better then Pryor if at all.

Pryor threw for 266 yards with two touchdowns against Oregon, adding 70 yards on 20 carries on the ground. Newton put up slightly lower numbers, throwing for 265 yards with two touchdowns and added 65 yards on 22 carries on the ground. Newton turned the ball over twice during the game once through the air and once on the ground Pryor only turned it over once though the air.

It's easy to say that they both performed very similar against Oregon, with Pryor having a slightly better game. There regular season numbers are even more similar with Newton getting a big edge in rushing totals.

Terrelle Pryor: 2772 yards passing with 27 touchdowns, 754 yards rushing with 4 touchdowns.

Cam Newton: 2589 yards passing with 28 touchdowns, 1409 yards rushing with 20 touchdowns

Terrelle Pryor has his thoughts on the disparity in their rushing numbers, "They carry the ball 30 times a game. I carry the ball maybe five times. There are times I didn't even run the ball in a game. You put me in any of their offenses, where I can run the ball and have a choice to throw, I would dominate college football."

Pryor may have a point, both players are incredible athletes but for some reason Pryor seems to get nothing but criticism for his game and Newton gets all the praise. 

If Newton is truly seen as a first rounder, I don't see how Pryor can be too far behind. One can't just go with everything that is being said on ESPN.