BCS Championship Game 2011: Auburn Tigers Are Epitome of Poor Sportsmanship

Austin BrinesContributor IIJanuary 11, 2011

Gene Chizik and Nick Fairley Holding Up the Coaches' Trophy
Gene Chizik and Nick Fairley Holding Up the Coaches' TrophyRonald Martinez/Getty Images

To start of this article, I'd like to state that I am a fan of neither the Oregon Ducks nor the Auburn Tigers.

What I am writing about here is just what I saw and has nothing to do with any feelings toward either football team involved in Monday night's 22-19 Auburn victory for the BCS national title. This is just my opinion.

First off, Gene Chizik did not do something that I believed every coach does after a win. The Auburn coach did not once congratulate the Ducks on a good season or good game publicly.

Most likely he did congratulate Chip Kelly, but I would have loved to see him say something about it in his televised post-game celebration. He showed absolutely no respect toward his opponents. Chizik is a heck of a coach, but I'd love to see him show a little more respect.

Next, Nick Fairley, who I must say is a tremendous player and would be a great first pick in the NFL draft, also showed bad sportsmanship. During his post-game speech, he made a remark about how his front four dominated the Oregon offensive line.

OK, I'm fine with that comment as long as it comes with a "This offensive line was very good, but we just overpowered them tonight." Or something along those lines. Without that, it sounds very cocky and not very respectful. Not to mention the dirty knee he delivered to the head of LaMichael James.

This may be nitpicking, but I would love to see the quarterback look excited about a win. If I was to look at the face of Darren Thomas, the losing quarterback, compared to Cam Newton, I would have legitimately thought that the Ducks had won the game. Thomas was very happy to be there, and Newton did not even seem terribly happy to win.Thomas congratulated all the players and looked elated!

There were at least two or three personal fouls against the Tigers. That alone is OK, but add to that not congratulating or complimenting your opponent and I'd call it bad sportsmanship. On the other side of the table, the Ducks showed great sportsmanship.Chip Kelly's post game interview was nothing but him saying he was so happy to be there. He stated how Auburn is a great team and Fairley is the best D-lineman in the country. He sounded very nice and respectful. Gene Chizik could learn a lot from that interview.

This is just my opinion. So now I want to hear your opinion. Was the Tigers' sportsmanship lacking, or was it acceptable? I'd love to hear your thoughts!