As Nation Eyes BCS, Tonight's Matchup Solves Nothing In The Eyes Of Many

Chase TitlemanContributor IJanuary 11, 2011

Given the fact that I have lived in Eugene for the majority of my life, I am extremely happy that the Ducks are playing tonight in the big game.

However, the whole concept of the BCS leaves me with largely a bittersweet attitude, for I can feel for Boise, TCU, Nevada and a host of other school. The current arrangement in determining the national championship solves nothing.

The biggest impact of the BCS is the fact that it is the antithesis to what our country stands for, and the basic questions listed below are still largely unanswered.  Consider the following sentiments.

What kind of country do we live in when a college football team can lose one game in three years and still not play for any kind of a national championship? 

Furthermore, how is the BCS National Championship legitimized from year to year when TCU now becomes the eighth team within the BCS era to finish its season undefeated, and yet none of the eight have set foot in the title game itself?

Better yet, what kind of people who live within a country operating on a “free society” concept allow it to happen on a yearly basis?

Certainly not a country full of citizens who founded their republic on a resolve for freedom, justice and equality...the supposed harbingers of the collegiate system itself. 

Certainly not from a nation of people who actually believe for one second that they live in a free republic at present, for if they did believe in those principles that guided the founding of our great nation, how could they stand for one moment the civil atrocities found within the BCS model?

Somewhere out there, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson and our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves. 

Andrew Hamilton must be delighted with glee, for he pushed the powers that be in place today as the chief driver behind the formation of a national bank, which has now morphed into the Federal Reserve.

In a feat that is now becoming all too common, once again, an undefeated BCS-Buster beat the supposed big boys by outmuscling a program that identifies itself with good old fashion slobber-knockin’ football.

I draw all readers back to a statement issued by Wisconsin Athletic Director Barry Alvarez a couple of months ago following the Badgers upset of Ohio State earlier this season…”We play real football in this conference.”

Need I mention the statement made by The Ohio State University President E. Gorden Gee when he denounced Utah, Boise State and TCU last November?

Perhaps he missed the fact that TCU is literally one play away from leading all of college football in total defense for the third year in a row. 

In the real world, you win championships with defense for there is nothing "little sister of the poor" about the Frog defense at all.  They can smack you in the mouth and bloody your nose with the best of them.

In the college football world, you win championships with rich historical traditions, computerized formulas written by construction workers who work on a jackhammer all day long, media writers who never see all the teams play yet are passed off as experts in the Harris Poll, and university presidents who don’t want to disrupt the handsome bonuses that presidents, athletic directors, coaches and bowl representatives receive when awarded a New Year's Day Bowl Game after going 7-5 in the regular season.

If Alvarez’s comments are to be taken seriously, consider the tremendous performance put forth today by the Badgers brethren among the infamous LEGENDS & LEADERS conference, formerly known as the Big Ten. 

A conference which, along with the SEC, has taken over college football’s most sacred day of days…the New Year’s Day bowl bash by cornering the BCS marketplace altogether.

All five Big Ten Conference programs (Wisconsin, Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State and Northwestern) were beaten handily, but then again, who cares when your conference collects nearly $100 million by hijacking the entire holiday bowl bonanza!

How can a conference collect such a bonanza of New Year's Day bowl games and then go 0-for-5 in the process? Because a nation of cowards allows it to happen!

Year after year across this once-great nation, lazy clicker-bred fans take the bait (hook, line and sinker) by drinking the ESPN Kool-Aid far too often. 

After all, how can we take the smaller, tradition-starved programs like Boise, TCU and Nevada seriously if they don’t play the tough teams week in and week out through the regular season?

A regular season that is a sacred cow among all of sports for every game is a (supposed) playoff in itself…just don’t include TCU, Boise State, Marshall, Tulane or Utah from seasons gone by and the BCS spin cycle is working to perfection.

But that is the deal…the BCS is not a working model.  It is woefully broken like much the American economy at present, destroyed by the deregulation designed from within its inner power structure, only to be allowed by a sleeping, lazy and ill-informed public that demands entertainment 24-7 throughout the yearly calendar cycle.

Who cares if it doesn’t work…just give us more bowl games and a six-pack of beer!

Woe to a nation of cowards that allows a sporting venue to perpetually occur which runs against the very value system that set it free from oppression nearly 250 years ago.

Rome fell by the same set of calling cards, red herrings and Trojan horses.  Will America soon follow?

The complete resume for the Non-AQ programs certainly lacks enough royalty and secret handshakes to seriously threaten the rich oligarchical tradition of the Big Ten fraternity. 

That is, if we were playing the game in the 125-scholarship era which concluded nearly 20 years ago. 

An era which provided the Big Ten with much of its storied history and tradition at present, for in the last 15 years of the 85-scholarship era the Big-Ten has won exactly two titles.

But like I said many moons ago, there are two colliding tectonic plates at play in college football today, built upon the leveling of the playing field that the 85-scholarship intended in the early 90s.

At one end of the spectrum, we have programs like The Ohio State University, Michigan, Notre Dame, Alabama, Auburn, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Arkansas, USC, UCLA, Texas, Florida State and Miami, which built their glorified tradition during the same time period that television gained critical mass and popularity throughout the country. 

The rise of each coincided with each other and the partnership continues to this very day.

This is a rather large, slow-moving mass that can’t seem to keep up with the Generation X programs like Oregon, TCU and Boise, who throw the ball all over the lot at such a dizzying array, Lou Holtz must be scratching his head in utter confusion.

He won a championship at Notre Dame at the very beginning of the 85-scholarship era, which had been pared down from the previously mentioned 125, running a concept that only three things can happen when you throw the ball and two of them are bad.

Thus, “you don’t win the title throwing the ball all over the lot,” was his mantra.

At the other end of the issue are two smaller, but more rapidly moving tectonic plates that slam up against the bigger land mass to create a massive state of conflict in the sport Americans have grown to love. 

The first land mass consists of the tradition-starved members of the old iron guard: programs like Virginia Tech, Oregon, Missouri and Texas Tech, who always played second fiddle to the powers that be within the elite conferences of the past, due to the fact that a whole host of great players (who no one ever heard of) were stuck on the sidelines behind the starters at programs like Notre Dame, Oklahoma, USC, Michigan and Ohio State.

An even smaller “third” land mass, which is moving even faster, is the “Generation X” programs like Boise State, UConn, TCU and Utah, but a funny thing has happened in the nature of the game.

The traditional powers (the larger, slower moving land mass) no longer has a certain role of authority in the game as it used to rely on its heavier density and tradition in nature itself to push its weight around and control the destiny of continental drift.

But while the 85-scholarship era continues to race onward at warp speed, which has provided safe haven for the programs that lack any significant 30-to-forty year history or tradition in the game, the two smaller, faster moving landmasses have combined forces, merging as one agenda, and are now throwing their weight and momentum to push a new era of dominance in the game.

According to the laws of nature–survival of the fittest–the two smaller tectonic plates, which have merged as one, now have a greater mass and density than the old iron guard and should be winning the day as Chip Kelly would put it, because with the merger, they now have a greater weight, size, density and momentum to their bevy of issues…but the BCS runs against the grain of nature and the natural order.

Considering the speed of the 85-scholarship era and the leveling of the playing field that continues to gain momentum, moving at light speed across the galaxy I might add, this new land mass should be overtaking the old iron guard, but the powers that be have created a black hole and gobbled up the engines of energy behind “Generation X.” 

Every time a program like Utah or TCU threatens the established order, the iron guard pushes them into the power fraternity of old.  Bit by bit, the now smaller landmass known as the BCS is taking major chunks out of the Non-AQ islands adrift, slowing the rising tide and agenda.

The Big Ten Conference, which represents the old established traditions of LEGEND and LEADERSHIP in college football, just finished butt-naked last in the bowl cup competition in 2010.  I don’t think we have ever witnessed a complete bowl game collapse like the Big-Ten just dished out this holiday season

If you include Nebraska into the mix as they enter the conference in 2011, the conference is a meager 2-6 this bowl season, and the 27-24 victory by Iowa over Missouri came in the final seconds on an improbable but electrifying interception return for a touchdown by the Hawkeyes, who trailed much of the game. 

The only legitimate performance was by a mediocre Ilini program that took Baylor to the woodshed.  A Baylor program that played its first bowl game in umpteen years, I might add.

Consider this: The Big Ten is one play away from being 1-7 in the current bowl season!  “Legends & Leaders,” tradition and royalty?  Try “Beaten & Beleaguered” or “Losers & Laughingstocks” after the crime of the century!

Instead of barking about the fact that the Big East continues to earn an automatic BCS bid each and every season, while many of the BCS Buster Conferences (the MAC, C-USA, Mountain West and the WAC) are barred from the BCS bailout plan, maybe we should take a closer look at the Big Ten gravy train con the conference has pulled in front of our eyes.

Talk about your immaculate deception.  Somewhere, Franco Harris is smiling.  The Big Ten is just too majestic to fail in the eyes of the BCS.  Jim Delaney will certainly vote down another playoff proposal, for he knows all too well that if a playoff ever rolled around for FBS college football, the Big Ten would likely never win a single title. 

They have a hard enough time winning one when they control all the cards of destiny…there is no way in hell they win a BCS title if a playoff is formed and Delaney knows it!

Florida (8-5) and Penn State (7-6), two traditional oligarchical powers from the old iron guard, met in Orlando today and played a game full of mistakes, as you would expect from two teams with such average accomplishments this season, and yet, oh by the way…the SEC beat the Big-Ten once again…and again…and again. 

To make matters worse, the two Texas teams (TCU and Texas Tech, not exactly old line powers) added to the carnage.

Not to be outdone and adding the final blow which bloodied the face of the entire Big-Ten Conference was the clubbing the Crimson Tide of Alabama (10-3) put on Michigan State (11-2) today in one of the most lopsided bowl losses in modern history, 49-7.

What does the Big Ten do for an encore?  How about getting drilled by Mississippi State as the entire state of Michigan was outscored 101-21 if you add in the 52-14 pasting the Bulldogs put on the Wolverines.

The two smaller tectonic issues are getting the best of the old iron guard on the playing field, but in the greater game of college football economics, the old iron guard is having their way.

And Sparty was whining about being snubbed by the Rose Bowl?

The bowl results this year are definitely the stuff of “LEGENDS” and “LEAD” the entire BCS Bowl Cup competition, just not in the direction the Big-Ten spins you to believe. 

After all, Wisconsin was beaten by the same Michigan State team that was hammered by both Iowa and Alabama.  Any given day…anything can happen. 

But the golden coffers only happen for the BCS fraternity, while the non-AQ programs whistle cries of unfairness into a deaf defying wind.

So I ask you…would the legitimate programs who play real football in this country please stand up, because in contrast to Alvarez’s belief, they can’t be found in the Big Ten. 

Nor can they be found in the Big East or the ACC for that matter either.  Any conversation by the media must include Boise State, Nevada, TCU, Utah and programs of similar ilk. 

But of course the cartel answers to the beat of a different drummer, and his notes simply inspire the cartel to invite Utah and TCU into the secret handshake fraternity, known as the BCS, rather than giving up any praise in performance.

Thus, any victory by the non-BCS over the BCS can be passed off by the simple fact that on any given day, any team can beat another in college football. Nothing more, nothing less.

Just don’t expect the Big Ten Banksters to write any BCS bailout checks anytime soon to the non-AQ fraternity, because Boise State, Nevada, Fresno State, Northern Illinois, Tulsa and teams of similar ilk don’t make a pimple on the Big-Ten television radar.  This is a simple game of dollars and elite memes.  Tradition, royalty and secret handshakes run rampant in our game…we play real economics in this conference, football results be damned.

The irony here is the difference in the game between TCU & Wisconsin was an errant FG which missed by inches...the same inches which separate the BCS Elite from the Non-BCS Elite!

If the Big Ten plays real “legendary” football, “leading” the economic coffers of college football, what should we make of TCU and Boise State who have turned the college football royalty dogs on their ears? 

Why should we allow the BCS system to operate even one more second in the future without DEMANDING some sort of college football playoff that settles the issue on the field?

If the American public ever wakes up from its current clicker-driven dreamscape, woe to the powers that be that have to explain themselves to angry mob of fans and athletes who have been grossly misrepresented by this system.

The hidden elements of oligarchical control mask a vibrant and wealthy tax-free foundation-based bowl bonanza, which, whether fans realize it or not, indirectly results in the crippling of our municipalities across the country. 

Furthermore, it operates under the guise of a modern day (stealth) monopoly (debt-based slave operation) that corrupts the entire intercollegiate athletic system to the gills.

Just ask the NCAA, who has to run around and police the $1,000 handshakes and has made a mockery out of its policing and investigative practices.  The whole system has been deregulated to the point that the criminals run scot-free and the common people who toe the line get the lions share of litigation and punishment.

Maybe if people actually started paying attention (and this is a big maybe at tha) they would quickly come to their senses and realize that the BCS is totally un-American…it is Communistic and fatalistic by design. 

Americans would quickly conclude that we are no longer living in a country that shackles big government, the banking cartels and the corporate world itself with constitutional law and order, which is based on freedom, justice and equal opportunities for all.

The BCS talks a big game of tradition and excellence, but the secret to this game is deregulation, which provides the security of plausible deniability.

This further allows the entire BCS system to operate without any moral hazard or responsibility to the students or fans they serve as they pillage and plunder the entire system. Profits are privatized while the whole of society bears its burdens and costs.

Sound familiar?  Where have we heard this before?  Why should we expect the BCS to be any different?  The BCS pillaging continues to make a mockery of the whole system and we are all to blame because we accept the BCS for what it is, never questioning or challenging the validity or reliability of a flawed computer and polling formula. 

The whole system of monopoly and control is completely fraudulent and we all know it, but sheepishly choose to do nothing about it!

Pass the chips and give me a beer…the game's on at Six!

Given all that TCU has accomplished over the last three years, the victory in the Rose Bowl tonight really didn’t solve much. 

In fact, it actually worked against ALL the BCS Busters across the country, because until a team full of student athletes has both the balls and sensibility to boycott an entire bowl game itself (which has been done in the past when considering the civil rights abuses aimed at our fellow African-Americans and citizens of color), this system of blatant monopoly capitalism controlled by the Corporatocracy cartel itself will continue to thrive at the expense of not only the student-athletes who play the game, but that grand old country known as mother freedom.

It is hard to root too much for TCU knowing the Frogs are headed for another BCS payday next year, even if they go 8-3 and win the Big East. 

It is hard to accept that the Frogs were actually playing for the Boise State’s and Butlers of the world as coach Patterson claimed before and after the game given their acceptance early last month into the Big East–“BCS fraternity.”

How many of you realize that TCU finished in the Top-4 of the College World Series and will surely finish number two in the final BCS poll?  If the fans and student-athletes (the primary stakeholders of the game itself) would simply get up off their lazy butts and challenge this system, TCU could have performed quite comfortably within the Mountain West.

In my eyes, which are obviously slanted towards a free republic that shackles big government and his corporate tentacles by the testicles itself, TCU’s Rose Bowl victory just isn’t good enough considering that the BCS model stands for the antithesis of our constitutional republic. If TCU or Boise and 120 other schools had any balls at all, they would boycott this system at once.

Given the fact that we have now witnessed nearly all possible scenarios of the BCS outcome and yet, incredibly, the same programs are rewarded over and over, what will it take to end this system?

Certainly not victorious efforts in a BCS game by the BCS-Busters of the world (Boise, Utah and TCU) and certainly not our hopes and prayers that the administrative big-wigs will come to their senses for they make thousands of dollars in bonuses just for going 7-6 and making the Outback Bowl. Just ask Penn State and legendary Joe Paterno.

And don’t count on Mark Cuban to provide any answers either, at least not the answers that will reduce the powers of the administrative Godfathers from controlling the entire landscape of college football.

Somewhere the Hegelian Dialect lurks in the background, knowing full well how “Thesis” when paired against “Antithesis” always produces the desired result that the cartel intended in the first place.

New Year's Day used to matter in this country. It was one of our great traditions enjoyed by all, but now we are reduced to watching (7-5 or 6-6) Big-Ten programs get their tails handed to them while crying all the way to the bank. 

In the meantime, the Cal Rugby and Baseball programs will fade into history, like much of the western frontier.

My how intercollegiate sport has fallen.

So much for the rich holiday bowl tradition that America has grown to enjoy.  This grand showcase has been overtaken by a mob mentality that has trampled upon the ethical compass of intercollegiate competition. 

Somewhere, in many corners across the country, most of us agree that we all lose with what TCU has gained.  But don’t point any fingers, for every finger of blame we point, there are three others pointing directly at each and every one of us.  Wake up, America, and end this bogus madness once and for all.


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