BCS National Championship: Auburn vs. Oregon, Cam Newton vs. LaMichael James

James Evens@JamesEvensCorrespondent IJanuary 10, 2011

BCS National Championship: Auburn Vs Oregon; Cam Newton Vs LaMichael James

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    The BCS National Championship Game is finally here.  

    As we approach the game tonight, many people are wondering who is going to win the game and if Oregon can compete with the SEC.

    Now that we have Auburn and Oregon set to play in this game, it becomes a huge battle between two Heisman Trophy contenders: LaMichael James and Cameron Newton.

    Newton cam out on top in the Heisman race, but who will come out the winner of the BCS?

Oregon Has a Great Defense

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    Oregon has had a great season on defense, holding opposing teams to just 18.4 points per game.  

    This will cause serious problems for the Auburn Offense. Although they have held teams to very few points, they allowed a lot of points against the great Stanford offense.

    This bids well for LaMichael James, as his defense might be able to hold Newton into check, but it will still be close on whether or not that happens or not.

Auburn's Defense Has Given Up a Fair Amount Of Points

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    Auburn's defense has given up a fair number of points this season and on average, they give up 24 points per game.

    Although this is a decent number, they have yet to face an offense quite like this one. Oregon's offense is quick and prides themselves on playing a fast paced offensive game.

    This could end up hurting the Tigers.

    It is great news for James though, who will be ready to win.

Cam Newton Is The Heisman

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    This could be bad news for Newton.

    Heisman winners do not have a good history of great performances in the BCS National Championship game because their head just got too large.

    Hopefully, Newton will be able to fight through this to keep up the pace he has been playing with the entire regular season.

James Has Something to Prove

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    LaMichael James is always being forgotten about as a great player. He is always playing with a chip on his shoulder and tonight will be no different.

    Look for James to have a great game with his pride on the line.

Newton Is Looking to The NFL

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    Cam Newton will more than likely be looking to the NFL after this game and this could very well be his last game at Auburn.

    This will add some pressure to his performance tonight, as he is looking to impress scouts and improve his draft status because we all know he loves money.

James Wants to Start Off 2011 With a Bang

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    LaMichael James will be returning to Oregon next season and wants to start 2011 off with a win and a title.  

    If he is able to lead his team to a title, he will easily become the top candidate for the Heisman Trophy next season.

Nick Fairley

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    Nick Fairley is a very dominant defensive line-man who has the ability to cause havoc for anyone.

    Fairley has a lot to prove tonight and if the line, which is led by him, can stop James, it would be a huge advantage for his draft stock.

    Look for Fairley to have a big game tonight.

LaMichael James Is Going to Steal The Show

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    Although I'm a big Cam Newton fan and love watching him play, James is going to steal the show tonight.  

    I just can't see the Auburn defensive front stopping him all night long.

    With their high paced offense, everyone is going to be quacking in 2011 with an Oregon victory.