Les Miles, Please Stay! Open Letter From LSU Fans To Coach Les Miles

Henry BallSenior Analyst IJanuary 10, 2011

Les Miles Wins BCS National Title at LSU
Les Miles Wins BCS National Title at LSUChristian Petersen/Getty Images

Dear Coach Miles,

I know they call you "Corch" and other unflattering things on some of the LSU blogs from time to time. 

I know that our somewhat retarded and completely irrational fans call your weekly radio show to ask you some of the most ridiculous questions about college football.

We have been known to boo you at home, in closely contested games, when you are winning. 

I even get how disappointing it must be to read some of the vile and hateful pontification of "local" sports writers, but here is the truth of it:

Michigan fans are just as retarded as we are.  A quick perusal of some of their sites will reveal that an alarmingly large number of their fans would prefer Brady Hoke with his dominating 47-50 overall record, and that's in the MAC and Mountain West.

What's worse, nearly ALL of them preferred Jim Harbaugh, who had one good year in the Pac-10 but basically called UM a bunch of Homer Simpson dopes just a few short years ago. 

It's not just them either—Oklahoma State fans are by and large a forgetful and unappreciative bunch.

They forget that the MAN of Forty was your OC and before he won (with your recruits) you had been the school's most successful coach since WWI.  They forgot how long it had been since they had beaten OU before you came in and exposed Big Game Bob; and they don't seem to appreciate that beating him without you may not be on the horizon.

Heck, even Colorado fans, who should be happy with just about anybody for a coach acted like they were too good for you.

It means we are all alike, Coach; we are all a bunch of Sunday morning quarterbacks who "think" we know more than you.  We all want our team to win so badly that we get irrational when the team struggles in any way.

But here is the deal; we (the majority of the LSU faithful) love you like we love Billy Cannon, Tommy Casanova, Paul Dietzel or Tommy Hodson.

We love you like Michigan fans love Bo.

We love you like Alabama fans love Bear.

You are our legend, Coach, you will go down in history as the greatest of all time at LSU and if you keep things going like you have with recruiting and bringing the kind of character and attitude to LSU as you have done over the last six years you may wind up being one of college football's all-time greats.

I understand the draw of going home and helping to rebuild your beloved Big Blue, and frankly if that's what you decide to do we couldn't fault you for it.

But know this, Coach Les Miles, you were made for LSU!  You are a Cajun raised in the North, you are home. 

With you at the helm LSU will continue to be "must see TV", and though they call you the Mad Hatter (a term that we've all adopted for endearment) or Lucky Les or the Gambler, what they can NEVER do is call you anything but a winner.

Stay home, Coach, stay here in Baton Rouge and in the words of your mentor (may he rest in peace), “make LSU your Michigan” because you ARE our Bo Schembechler!


Geaux Tigers!