Goodbye, AJ Green

Alex FergusonSenior Analyst IIJanuary 9, 2011

The University of Georgia is in mourning.

The Southeastern Conference is in mourning.

Heck, the world of college football is in mourning.

Its best receiver is gone. And college football is all the poorer.

Georgia superstar AJ Green gave us the usual line that players give for waltzing out the door about his decision being "difficult" and making a decision for his family.

And so ends one of the greatest college careers in Georgia history.

Although we'll be a little tough on him and mention that last year was probably his worst year for the Bulldogs, bearing in mind that in 2010 he:

1) Was suspended for four games for receiving $1,000 for his Independence Bowl jersey.

2) Had to be carted off injured in the Bulldogs' embarrassing loss to the awful University of Colorado, who promptly celebrated the victory like the second coming of Kordell Stewart.

3) Was put of a Bulldogs' team that managed to lose 10-6 to the University of Central Florida.

In New York in the draft, Green will be the type of guy that teams will move up the draft for. Why? People love Calvin Johnson, and this guy's as good as—if not better than—Calvin Johnson. We'd be absolutely STUNNED if (barring injury) he's not vying for the title of NFL Rookie of the Year.

If you're a Georgia fan, you'd love to see Detroit try and get him so that he can re-connect with Matt Stafford, but it sure would be beautiful to see him play with Larry Fitzgerald in Arizona too.

Anyway, here are a couple of highlights. Thanks for coming to the party, AJ. We're going to miss you.

(2010 Highlight Reel here)