Bo Pelini: If Lucky Les Is a Michigan Man, Does That Equal Beaux's Tigers?

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Bo Pelini: If Lucky Les Is a Michigan Man, Does That Equal Beaux's Tigers?

The curtain on the Cotton Bowl has barely settled, and already rumors are swirling about the implications.

With the University of Michigan's firing of Rich Rodriguez, and presumably its leading candidate Jim Harbaugh taking the San Francisco 49ers job, UM is officially at Plan B, at least.

One name that stuck out almost as prominently as Harbaugh’s upon initial speculation is that of current LSU head coach Les Miles. The spotlight seems to have grown considerably over "The Hat's" brim. Miles would also certainly meet the credentials of being a “Michigan Man.”

Miles was born in Elyria, Ohio, before going on to play on the Wolverines’ offensive line from 1974-1975. He then served as a graduate assistant at Michigan for two years.

With Miles’ successes at Oklahoma State and now LSU, he seems the perfect candidate to satiate both fans and administration.

Should Miles be offered the job and take it, the vacancy at LSU might be a concern for the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Before coming to Nebraska, Bo Pelini spent three years with the Tigers as a defensive coordinator. One would have to imagine that LSU would be heavily tempted to contact Pelini should a vacancy open.

The Tigers know what they’re getting in Pelini, and his ability to magically spin straw into gold when it comes to defense is the stuff of legends.

A Pre-emptive Strike via Wikipedia?

Is the amount of success and experience that Pelini’s had at Nebraska as a head coach enough to cause the phone in his office to ring?

Miles was courted previously by Michigan in 2007 before the Wolverines finally hired Rodriguez away from West Virginia.

Should Miles spurns the Wolverines yet again, San Diego State’s Brady Hoke is another likely candidate for Michigan to pursue.

If he does not, the Cornhuskers may have to open up their checkbook to keep Pelini as their head man for their inaugural Big Ten tour of duty.

UPDATE (and for what it's worth): After last night's Cotton Bowl (and before this article was published): "1150 WJBO is reporting 'multiple sources' confirming Pelini will accept LSU job after Les Miles accepts MICHIGAN job over next 48 hours."

Don't let the offseason get you down.

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