Andrew Luck: How His Decision Affects Jim Harbaugh, Stanford and Carolina

James Evens@JamesEvensCorrespondent IJanuary 7, 2011

Andrew Luck: How His Decision Affects Jim Harbaugh, Stanford and Carolina

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    Andrew Luck was the number one draft prospect this year after having a terrific sophomore season at Stanford leading them to a 12-1 record with their only loss coming to the Oregon Ducks in what was a close game.

    Luck was expected to leave Stanford and enter the NFL draft, but recently announced that he would forgo the draft to stay in school.

    Here is how that decision has effected the world of football.

How It Helped Luck

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    Luck's decision to stay might have helped him a bit, because he must have felt he needed some more time to grow stronger and smarter.  

    Waiting a season to go to the NFL was a smart decision for him, so he can get his degree, in-case football in the NFL does not work out for him.

How It Hurt Luck

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    Luck was projected to go number one in the draft, and would be playing for the Carolina Panthers and making a lot of money.

    If Luck comes out and has a bad season, he might just end up like Jake Locker last season, who could have came out in 2010 and been a top 5 pick, but this season will be a later first round.

    As long as Luck continues his excellent play this will not be a problem.

He Didn't Have to Play In Carolina

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    Do you blame him for not wanting to play at Carolina?  The football team has been weak for the last few years, and it seems that they can't keep their key players.

    Carolina is not the best football team in the world, and playing for them would not be very fun, especially for luck.

Stanford Loves Him

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    The University of Stanford loves him with all their heart.  They were preparing to go next season without him, but were pleasantly surprised that he stayed.

    This really locked them in for a another season of greatness in the program, as Luck is the best collegiate quarterback in the nation right now.

Stanford Fans

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    The fans of Stanford had to have been going bananas when they found out that Luck was staying.  This means that they will get to watch one of their beloved quarterbacks play at least another season for the Cardinals. 

Jim Harbaugh

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    Contrary to what Jim Harbaugh says to the press, Luck's decision has got to effect his decision on whether or not to stay at Stanford.  If he stays he will be able to count on his same offensive stud from last season, which just gives him more incentive. 

How It Hurts Harbaugh

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    If Harbaugh is inticed to stay at Stanford next season and beyond it could ultimately hurt him.  Collegiate coaches come and go, and when they have the opportunity to take a shot in the NFL they should.

    Harbaugh needs to remember that Luck will only be there for two more seasons and that is the maximum. 


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    Carolina is pretty much screwed on this deal.  They were planning on taking Luck as number one and developing him into their quarterback of the franchise.

    This looks as though it will have to wait, and they will have to pursue other options in the draft this season.