Taylor Martinez, Heads Up: Nebraska Fans Would Love To Hear From YOU

Justine DavisContributor IJanuary 7, 2011

Taylor performing some of his magic
Taylor performing some of his magicEric Francis/Getty Images

At the beginning of the season, after the starting quarterback was announced, it was hard to find a Nebraska Huskers fan that didn't believe in magic.

T-Magic, that is. It wasn't a Disney movie, or something you'd see at Hogwarts. It was taking place mainly in Lincoln, but was also spotted in Seattle, Manhattan and Stillwater.

Taylor "T-Magic" Martinez rushed for a net total of 870 yards in the first seven games of the season. Even better, in those first seven games, he passed for a total of 1,046 yards. He led the Nebraska Huskers to wins in all of these games, save for the game against Texas—only one of the seven that he didn't surpass 200 total yards in.

Could you blame them for believing?

The clock struck midnight while the Huskers were taking on the No. 6 Missouri team in Lincoln. Martinez suffered an injury. Thankfully the Huskers still managed to upset the Tigers. Unfortunately, the fans never got to hear from Taylor regarding his injury.

It was like Cinderella's carriage turned back into a pumpkin. Actually, a better comparison would be Harry Potter having to go home for the summer. When Harry goes home, he can't use his magic, because he's an underage wizard. In the Harry Potter books, underage wizards aren't allowed to use magic on their own until after they've turned 17 and have passed their NEWTs during their seventh year.

Wait...What does that have to do with anything?

Taylor Martinez is 20-years-old. Legally, in the United States that makes him an adult. Sure, he still probably needs to put his parent's income and tax information on his FAFSA. Other than that, there's no reason he shouldn't be capable of doing mostly everything else on his own.

Martinez has plenty of support from most Nebraska fans. After all, they are extremely loyal, especially to players.

As the world learned January 5, Taylor Martinez plans on coming back to the University of Nebraska for this spring semester, and has the intention of returning as a Husker for years to come.

That's great! Right?

Of course it is. One small problem, though. The statement that he'd be returning was issued via his father, Casey Martinez. A lot of Nebraska fans are aware that most, if not all, Taylor statements are released via Casey.

Just one question. Why?!

Plenty of people have been discussing this situation. Whether it be on the internet, or radio, lots want to know whether the statement issued Wednesday was necessary.

Commentators on Unsportsmanlike Conduct (1620 AM in Omaha) compared it to them calling their boss to let them know they'd be at work tomorrow. Taylor Martinez is a student at the university, so why would anyone expect anything other than his return? Why didn't Taylor personally contact his coach, Bo Pelini, and let him know of this?

In Taylor's defense, there were plenty of rumors flying around that he may not be a Husker anymore, or may be something other than loyal to the program.

The day following the news that Taylor would be returning, T-Magic issued another statement.

Just kidding, it was Casey again.

The elder Martinez hinted that his son was not quite 100 percent yet. “Although it is better and will get better." He sent this information to The World-Herald in an e-mail.

In reference to the statement issued previously about Taylor's return, he states, "Obviously there were questions to the point where it was important enough to address, out of courtesy to our players and fans nationwide who may have heard these rumors," probably in the same e-mail mentioning his son's condition.

It is obvious the Martinez family is very close, and Casey cares a lot about Taylor. This is very respectable. However, there's a time when every parent must push their young out of the nest, and let them learn and become an individual. Many believe that for Taylor, the time has come.

A great deal of Nebraska fans support you, and want to hear from you, T-Magic. You've passed your OWLs and NEWTs. You can use your magic on your own now.