Nebraska Football: Taylor Martinez Planning To Return To Cornhuskers in 2011

Justine DavisContributor IJanuary 5, 2011

Taylor Martinez
Taylor MartinezTom Pennington/Getty Images


There have been a lot of these circling around the football program of Nebraska the past few months, one of which accused head coach Bo Pelini of being something other than loyal and interviewing for a head-coaching position at the University of Miami (FL). Later this rumor was confirmed false by Pelini.

The big one? A rumor that starting quarterback Taylor Martinez would no longer be a Husker.

This one first surfaced after a situation seen on national TV during the Texas A&M game in College Station. Bo Pelini confronted Martinez, yelling, and poked him squarely in the chest. It was easy to see Bo was furious, and understandably, Taylor did not seem happy afterward.

The issue? After an injury suffered in the first half of this game, Taylor's father, Casey Martinez, placed a phone call to his son. Taylor was in the locker room receiving x-rays, and his dad had wanted to make sure he was okay. He returned the phone call to his father, which in turn violated team rules.

Bo found out. Bo was not happy. After Taylor returned to the sideline, Bo made sure Taylor knew this.

Fuel was added to the fire when reports came that Taylor had missed a team meeting on the Sunday evening following the game. Pelini later stated in a press conference that it was actually a team "shake-out," and that Taylor had been excused from it.

However, it didn't help the matter that most fans of Nebraska knew he played football for three different high schools. Was he someone who just transferred when the going got tough? Could the school rely on him?

Fast forward to December 30. It's the Holiday Bowl, and Nebraska is playing Washington, a team that they had defeated 56-21 in September, with the help of Taylor Martinez. Martinez was cleared to start in the bowl game, despite possibly not being at 100 percent.

Taylor had seven pass completions out of nine attempts, resulting in 53 passing yards. He threw one interception, and was sacked four times. He had a net total of 23 rushing yards. Finally, in the fourth quarter, he was replaced by second-string quarterback Cody Green.

Then came more questions and rumors. Did Taylor not care about Nebraska at all? Did he purposely perform poorly? Did Nebraska's offensive line purposely let defenders through because they don't like Taylor? Is there any way he is actually going to be back for the 2011 season?

Finally, we have an answer to the last question, whether or not it needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

"To dismiss any rumors on my thoughts of transferring I'd like to state that I am anxious to get back to Nebraska Sunday evening and look forward to getting healthy and getting my strength and speed back," states Taylor. Taylor's words were submitted through his father, who apparently wrote the e-mail, which was sent to

Taylor added, "I also look forward to using these past year's experiences and challenges to help me become a better all around person, football player and leader. I feel that with the players that we have coming back, along with the new talent that is coming into the Husker program that we will have great success for many years under coach [Bo] Pelini."

Now the real question is, will Taylor Martinez start next year? There is going to be a lot more depth at quarterback.