Andrew Luck: Everything You Need To Know about Projected No. 1 Pick

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 5, 2011

Andrew Luck: Everything You Need To Know about Projected No. 1 Pick

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    Andrew Luck is the latest and greatest star to take center stage in college football. He is coming off a commanding performance in this year's Orange Bowl. He is also projected to be the first overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

    But Andrew Luck is more than a quarterback with height and a strong arm. He may run like Elway, but he is much more. Just as you and I have lives outside of work, so does Andrew Luck.

    Here is everything you wanted to know about the future No. 1 pick.

The Stats

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    Let's go ahead and get the numbers out of the way before we run down the bio on this Stanford legend.

    Position: Quarterback #12

    Year: Sophomore (redshirt)

    Major: Architectural design

    Date of birth: September 12, 1989 (age 21)

    Place of birth: Washington, DC

    Height: 6'4"

    Weight: 235 lbs

Oliver Luck

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    Taking snaps runs in the family. Andrew's dad Oliver was an All-American quarterback for West Virginia.

    He later parlayed that success into a four-year stint with the Houston Oilers. Oliver served as general manager of several sports teams. As of June, 2010, he has been serving as the athletic director at West Virginia.

World Traveler

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    Andrew was born in Washington, D.C. But his stay in the district was short-lived. His father Oliver happened to be the general manager of two teams in the World League of American Football.

    His father later became president of that league. The constant moving took the Lucks to London, England and Frankfurt, Germany.


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    Sure, Andrew Luck is a part of a very renowned academic school. But private schools like that always bend the rules a little and let the truly athletically-gifted attend with the truly mentally-gifted.

    In Andrew's case, he is both. Andrew attended Stratford High School in Houston, Texas. He graduated in 2008 as the school's valedictorian.

He Is Set To Become Fairly Wealthy

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    That may be a slight understatement. If we look at what another sophomore quarterback received at the draft, we can say that 2011 will be a very good year for Andrew Luck.

    Sam Bradford left school early and received a $78 million contract. Fifty million was guaranteed. That is all the more incentive for Luck to leave this year.

    With the CBA getting renegotiated, there is no telling how much he will make if he waits until next season.

Everybody Loves Him

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    Luck was immensely popular at Stratford High School. That is an easy task when you consider he was the No. 4 quarterback in the country.

    But his popularity transcended even his own school. He was third in voting at Memorial High School for honors as their prom king. That is Stratford's main rival.

Luck Is, Well, Lucky

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    Eliot Allen, Stratford High School's football coach, was drooling over the prospect of having Andrew Luck run his offense.

    The quarterback came into school and immediately started as a quarterback on the freshman team. That is when he broke his collarbone and had to miss the rest of the season. Sometimes an injury like that could derail a promising career. Not for Luck. He was starting for the varsity squad the next season.

His Second Love Is Engineering

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    Andrew Luck wanted to go to a school with two things, a great football program and a great engineering program.

    Andrew has always been fascinated with architecture and wanted a school that tested his mettle mentally as well as physically.

    Stratford High School principal Chris Juntii told Fox Sports columnist Thayer Evans, "He wanted to go to some place where he wasn’t the big man on campus," Juntti says. "He wanted to be a student among other really talented students academically. He didn’t want to be treated differently."

He Is Down To Earth

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    Andrew Luck should have a big head. He is the top prospect in the 2011 NFL Draft. He is coming off one of Stanford's best season in years. He is consistently one of the most talked about players in the nation. Yet he finds time for those who got him here.

    Andrew sent a congratulations to his high school coach via text message on winning their latest game. The text came on the night of his own big game against Oregon.

Paves His Own Path

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    Andrew luck very well could have gone to a powerhouse school. He chose Stanford after a 1-11 season in Palo Alto. It is clear that Andrew will do what makes him the happiest.

    That is something to consider as he views his current options. He values education so much that he chose to continue taking AP classes long after he committed to Stanford, where they take little of those credits. He very well could be in a Cardinal uniform next season.

Last Word

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    I will go ahead and give Andrew Luck the last word. Here is one of his greatest plays. Not a 50-yard pass for a touchdown, a linebacker-type hit.