Cam Newton, 2011 NFL Draft: What Does Tim Tebow's Success Mean for Him?

James Evens@JamesEvensCorrespondent IJanuary 5, 2011

Cam Newton, 2011 NFL Draft: What Does Tim Tebow's Success Mean For Newton?

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    There is a lot of speculation these days about where Cam Newton will end up in the 2011 NFL draft if he decides to go pro, which we are all assuming he will.  

    The mock drafts are picking him all over the place.

    With the recent success of Tim Tebow with the Denver Broncos—if you can call it success—will it allow teams to have more confidence in Cam Newton as a professional quarterback?

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What Tebow Has Done

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    Tebow started two games for the Broncos and threw for 513 yards in those two games with three touchdowns through the air, and rushed for 121 rushing yards and two touchdowns.

    Tebow has really emerged as the star everyone expected and that helps Cam Newton, because Tebow is not your prototypical NFL QB.

What Separates Cam Newton from Tim Tebow

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    Cam Newton has an amazing throwing motion already which is something that Tim Tebow did not already possess when he entered the NFL draft last season.  

    This is a major advantage to Newton over Tebow.

    Another huge advantage is that Cam Newton is taller, faster and stronger than Tim Tebow.  

    Let's face it, Newton is basically a wide receiver playing quarterback.  Newton has had terrific numbers this season and those will translate to the NFL.

Cam Newton's Stats

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    Cam Newton has had an incredible junior season with the Auburn Tigers, throwing for 2,589 yards and 28 touchdowns as well as running for 1,409 yards and 20 touchdowns. 

    He has the numbers to be playing in the NFL. That is for sure.

Throwing Motion

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    Cam Newton's throwing motion is impeccable already.  

    When the NFL scouts look at him to draft, they will not be concerned with it at all, as it is basically the model mechanic for an NFL quarterback.

Newton Makes Great Decisions

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    On the season, Cam Newton has only thrown four interceptions, compared to 28 touchdowns.  

    This number shows that he is mature and able to make smart decisions, while taking care of the football.

How It Hurts Him

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    Cam Newton will be hurt by Tim Tebow's success in no way.  

    If anything, Tebow's success has helped collegiate quarterbacks across the nation.

Cam Newton Doesn't Have the Leadership Ability Tebow Has

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    Tim Tebow was one of the best collegiate football leaders in the history of the game.  His drive to succeed and make plays was something that could not be matched by anyone else.

    Newton watched Tebow do this when he was his back-up at Florida. He knows that the quarterback needs to be a strong leader.

Cam Newton Knows How to Handle Controversy

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    For me this is a big sell.  

    Through all of the allegations about Cam Newton this season, he has came out to play no matter what. He knows how to handle the spotlight, and that is a big advantage in the NFL.

    People will criticize him every week in the NFL, and he will be able to brush it off and keep going, unlike Ryan Leaf.