Nebraska Recruiting: 5 Cornhusker Recruits To Watch in Army All-Star Game

Brandon Cavanaugh@ IJanuary 4, 2011

Nebraska Recruiting: 5 Cornhusker Recruits To Watch in Army All-Star Game

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    For the Nebraska Cornhuskers, the 2010 season is in the books.

    Disappointment capped the Huskers’ final season in the Big 12 conference, but now is the time when recruitniks across the country study all manner of recruits diligently.

    This Saturday's U.S. Army All-American Bowl will feature a litany of talent up and down each team’s roster.

    The Cornhuskers have four committed players participating in the game, but there is another talent that’s worth keeping an eye on.

    He may be wearing Nebraska colors by game's end.

5: Wayne Lyons (Safety)

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    No. 27: East Squad

    Height and Weight:
    6'0", 190 pounds

    Why You Should Watch:

    The Cornhuskers have four committed players participating in the game, but there is another talent that’s worth keeping an eye on.

    Wayne Lyons is the only recruit mentioned in this list that has not formally committed to any school. Nebraska, along with Florida, UCLA, Michigan and Stanford, are his final five choices.

    He’s a very physical football player who doesn’t shy away from contact. This has been a constant trait of any defensive back that Bo Pelini recruits for his secondary.

    Lyons could easily fill Eric Hagg's position.

    "[Nebraska's] the school you go to if you want to go to the NFL especially for defense and defensive backs," Lyons said to

4: Tyler Moore (Offensive Lineman)

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    No. 58: East Squad

    Height and Weights:
    6'6", 295 pounds

    Why You Should Watch:

    Nebraska currently has five offensive linemen committed for the latest recruiting crop. Tyler Moore is considered by some scouts to be the best of the bunch.

    A physical specimen, Moore is an absolute mauler, and his feet keep moving until the whistle.

    Moore will be blocking for quarterbacks Teddy Bridgewater (Louisville commit) and Jacoby Brissett (undecided) along with running backs Demetrius Hart (Alabama commit) and Mike Blakely (Florida commit).

    "I am 100-percent decided," Moore told "I can't wait to get there (Nebraska) and start working. It will be weird to be in college in a couple months, but it is going to be fun."

3: Charles Jackson (Defensive Back)

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    No. 18: West Squad

    Height and Weight:
    5'11", 180 pounds

    Why You Should Watch:

    Are you a fan of Alfonzo Dennard or Prince Amukamara? If so, Charles Jackson is yet another physical Pelini-recruited defensive back.

    Initial reports out of practices for this week’s upcoming all-star game indicate that Jackson showed up ready to play and is already putting on an impressive display.

    The loss of Tevin Mitchel to Arkansas stings, but Jackson should still make waves as a Cornhusker.

    "You can have guys that aren't the tallest, but both of those guys are put together," remarked the game's defensive backs coach David Peck to "From everything I've heard, and from what I got to see today, these are physical kids who are just good athletes.

2: Aaron Green (Running Back)

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    No. 2: West Squad

    Height and Weight:
    5'11", 191 pounds

    Why You Should Watch

    Green is an absolute speed demon.

    Some scouts have questioned his strength, though some of Green's own opponents have indicated that he can pop pads with the best of them.

    He is an all-purpose back much like current Nebraska Cornhusker Rex Burkhead, though not quite as stout.

    His abilities allow him the possibility of seeing time at running back, along with having punt return and kick return duties during his freshman year.

    It's likely that Green will pull off some big runs during the all-star game, but he's taking a very laid back approach.

    "I don't have anything to prove I don't think," Green told "I'll save that for when I get to Nebraska."

1: Bubba Starling (Quarterback)

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    No. 10: West Squad

    Height and Weights:
    6'5", 191 pounds

    Why You Should Watch:

    Maybe you've heard of Bubba Starling. If not, you'll hear plenty over the next couple of months.

    While the debate rages on about whether or not Starling will actually make it to Lincoln in the first place, he has remained unwavering in his commitment to Nebraska rather than a Major League Baseball career. Starling's family also seems to be heavily favoring the idea of college.

    The Cornhuskers faced a similar situation with current Boston Red Sox left fielder Carl Crawford, who chose to sign with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays over a college football career with Nebraska in 1999.

    Bo Pelini and Nebraska baseball head coach Mike Anderson have made it perfectly clear that Starling can play both football and baseball should he desire.

    There is no doubting Bubba’s ability as a runner coming into this game. What scouts and analysts will be keeping an eye on is his passing ability. Starling has a strong arm, but hasn’t needed to rely on it due to the offense that his school runs.

    We’ll see just how good his arm is this weekend. commented that Starling "is one of the best pure athletes in the nation and could cause a lot of problems for the East squad, even with its group of linebackers."

    NOTE: The U.S. Army All-American Bowl will be televised on Saturday, January 8. Kickoff is set for 1 p.m. (EST) on NBC.

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